Tuesday, July 1, 2014

June 28, 2014; Joy in serving others!

Hey family,
It is so good to hear from you again! Man I can’t agree with you enough about the time flying especially with the job that we have... the week flies... it actually kind of scares me sometimes. Wow can you believe that I left a little less than a year ago?! Wow.... I can’t believe how fast the phases are moving in my life... but I am trying to make the most of it. 
I loved hearing about your week. It is good to hear that Olivia is staying active with all of her activities! Keep it up V! Man I miss Monday night dinner and FHE with you guys. Not doing it now makes me realize how much I treasure it. Thank you for being so consistent through all those years! 
I’m glad that you are up at the Phips having a good ol’ time. Have a good time if you go up to the mountain. That was such a good time last year! Thanks for always making an effort to make fun family memories. 
Q & A
1. So the whole week we have been jam packed with activities. Right now in the mission we are making a big push on getting missionaries out of some of the gross houses there are and getting into better houses. That means that we are going around and cleaning the old houses and giving them back to their owners and getting all the legal stuff set up for the new houses and taking utilities and things like that to the missionaries that are moving into the new houses. Best part is that we didn’t get stuck on the freeway this week until three in the morning. Worst part and also probably the funniest is that earlier this week we were cleaning out a house and we had to get some wooden closets out of the top floor. We tried taking it down the stairs but they were just too narrow. So there was only one option left... the window... ha-ha so we took the windows out and we had to lower this big old closet. We had a rope that we put through the closet as a support. I stayed upstairs while my companion went downstairs to lower it down. I wrapped the rope around my waste to have some leverage and let it down slowly. I let it into his hands and he told me to go down and help him. I ran down. I got down and put some support under the closet with him but then the thing started tipping over to the left. I knew that there was no saving it. I kind of gave it a push so it would get out of our reach. My comp was on the left side. Unfortunately the closet scuffed up his arms and put a tiny gash in his head... he survived. Ha-ha it was crazy. We didn’t take any pics of that one but for the second closet we called the ZLs from that sector to help us out. They did. Same tactic but a lot easier and I stayed up to keep the thing from falling with the rope. Ha-ha my comp took some pics of that one I will see if I can send you a pic! =) Last p-day and today we just cleaned around the house and hung out. Today we couldn’t do anything because the Chile and Brazil game was on so we had to stay inside. But this morning we did have time to walk around the centro and look at things to buy. I bought a Chilean flag =) cheap too. But we do have an advantage on p-days. Sounds like one of these we will be heading over to pichilemu (the beach)

2. Today I took my driving test with the president so I now can drive obediently! =) ha-ha! It was a weird sensation getting behind the wheel again but I liked it. But I think I will be driving more now.
3. My comp has about nine months in the mission. This is his third change in the office. I have more time than him in the mission. 
4. We only eat at members houses on Sundays. The rest of the week we just buy food wherever we are.  My eating schedule has become a little messed up and I think that it is messing with my stomach a little bit but that is ok. 
5. We go to church at a branch called Villa Teniente. About 100 people go every week. All the office elders go to different wards. For example, Elder M and Elder J go to Recreo, my last sector and the assistants go to a ward called Tupahue. The mission president goes to a different ward or branch every week. 
6. My Narnia picture...We helped a married couple (the Johnson’s) move out of their old house into the new apartment. They lived in a place called Chepica. It was a nice house. So anyways there was an old closet upstairs that belongs to the owner and we just thought of Narnia when we saw it so we put ourselves in it to take pics. It was fun! 
Thanks! I am still doing pretty darn good! It sometimes is a lot different but I really like it. We do a lot of work and we are always occupied doing something it seems like. I love the joy that I see on the faces of someone when we do what they need. They are so happy and it is just a rewarding feeling to me. =) I am glad that the Lord has given me this opportunity. One thing that is kind of a bummer is that we don’t always have time to study so if you want to study you have got to fight for your time. I try to study a little bit every day. I love the spiritual feed that it is. I hope that you guys in your crazy lives can find and fight for the time to spiritually feed yourselves so when the "shafts in the whirlwinds" come you will be able to overcome the temptation and do what God wants and asks of us. I hope that you all have a great week and that you enjoy the freedom that we have in the great U S of A! I love every blessing that God gives to us! =) Take some fun pics for me =) Love each and every one of you! Talk to you soon! 
Love, Elder Tegan Hall 

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