Thursday, July 31, 2014

July 26, 2014; Loving Every Minute of It!

Hey family! How are you guys?! 
Yep Elder H is heading home in about two weeks. He is a good guy and I like being around him, not to mention we are both from Idaho. ;) Ha-ha we have a little bit of pride in the office about that. I was thinking about sending stuff home with him to give to you guys but I think it would be just a hassle so I will get a package together sometime. I am sad that Elder M is heading out of the office. He is such a good friend but I am glad that we were in the office for one change together. He is a great guy and example. I don’t know if I can tell you who the new elders are but being in the office I already know the changes and stuff. Everyone asks us to tell them and it gets kind of annoying. I just tell them I can’t tell them. 
So it sounds like you guys had a great week. I am serious I cannot believe how fast the weeks are going. They pass like it was just an hour or so... but I have been enjoying every minute of it. It has been a lot of fun this first change here in the office and I can’t believe that the first change is already over. We will be going up to Santiago this next week to drop off Elder L at the airport, my second comp in the field. It has been fun to see him since and I consider him a good friend. So time just keeps cruising along. We have to make the most of it.
Typical Chilean lunch
1. So this week has just been busy as usual. We had to clean up a few houses to give back to their owners this week. Elder M and Elder J went with me and Elder O to Talca to help paint a house. It took the whole day to paint the house but it turned out well and that house is good to go! We had to take a few smaller things out of other houses to get them ready too. Also we took President Warne’s car to get maintenance this week which was fun. He has a 2014 Ford Explorer. It is a nice car and rides really smooth. I drove it a little bit but I was just a little paranoid of crashing. That was about it for this week, just working, trying to organize all of the comissary stuff here in the office so that the job is easier for the future comissaries. This week was also the first week that I have been to McDonald’s here in Chile! It was pretty tasty but just not the same as the states. I have realized that we have life so good in the states with so many options and varieties. Also this morning we had breakfast at the Warne's house for Elder M and H. We had this really good ham, egg, cheese crepe things. I like them! =) The president and sister Warne are great people. Later we went to a hill and hiked. I saw some dirt bikes and I really just wanted to go dirt biking. I miss riding in the mountains. But it is alright. I will be able to do that in about a year =) ha-ha 
We all just passed our one-year mark!
2. Transfers didn’t affect me. I will be here until December in the office. It is usually a six month assignment. Elder H is going home in two weeks and Elder M is going to Pichilemu, a beach sector. He is happy about that. We will have a new secretary and assistant. 
Burning a white shirt!
3. The best thing about being in the office... I just like the perks that we have, like we have a car, we do special assignments for the president and for the mission. Instead of working by hours we work by tasks. I don’t know I just really like it and I really like the interaction that we have with the other four office elders. That has been one of the funnest parts. I don’t remember the last time I have frowned =) Oh and another thing is that we got our apartment back last night. The sister missionaries moved back to their place because everything is fixed up =) so that is nice to have our own beds and stuff again! =) 
Well that is it for this week and also I will include a few pics. Time just keeps on rolling along but I am loving the mission and so glad that I made the decision to serve the Lord. It really has been the most rewarding decision I have made in terms of my salvation and gospel knowledge and testimony in the Savior Jesus Christ. I just know that it is possible to have a deep abiding testimony in Him, we just have to take the proper steps, which comes by following His gospel, reading scriptures, listening to talks, doing uplifting activities and so on. I hope that you guys have a great week and that you can all do things to deepen your testimony and improve day by day. I love you so much and I pray for you every day! Talk to you next week =) 
Love always, 
Elder Tegan Hall 

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