Tuesday, July 8, 2014

July 5, 2014; I love the USA!

Hey mom,
It is so good to hear from you! =) I am doing just great and today has been a really good p-day. I have enjoyed it thus far =) I know the weeks go by way fast. I find myself lost in the week trying to figure out what day it is and stuff.... we just get so busy! 

It sounds like you had a great Independence Day! I can’t believe that a year has passed since I was there for the last Fourth of July, seems just like a few days ago with the family reunion and all. I think that it is kind of funny that I had to be outside of my country to really appreciate how well I have it there.... I love the USA and am so glad that I am a citizen of a country that is "one nation under God." He has blessed us with a great nation. I have thought about that I could be home in a year too... it sounds like I will be back for the next Fourth of July! I am really excited for that because it is one of my favorites! It sounds like the firework show just keeps getting better and better! That is cool. 
Q and A
1. Well this week we have been working a lot with closing some old houses up and opening new houses. The majority of the cases have been sister missionaries moving into new houses and it is just fun to see the joy on their faces when they see the new house and how much better it is than the last ones they had. I think that I am learning a lot as a commisary. I am learning the importance of serving in all areas. No matter the service, it is IMPORTANT because you helped someone out! That is what Heavenly Father wants and expects of us. I have been driving quite a bit this last week. I have felt really good behind the wheel but here in Chile you have to drive even more defensively than the US.  The majority of the laws are the same. A couple differences, you can’t turn on a right on a red light, you drive in km/hour, and some other little things. That has been about all we have done this week and signing papers and trying to organize our stuff a little bit. Elder O and his comp before didn’t really have things organized. It was kind of a “wing it” thing and I have discovered that I don’t like that much... ha-ha, so I have tried to help us be more organized. I try to make lists of things to do so we can see our progress and get more and more done. 
2. We email from the mission office. You know when you mail packages to Eduardo Melero, that is the street of the mission office and a church building too! It is nice that I don’t have to pay for internet time anymore! 
3. We usually try to cook something for breakfast, like eggs, or pancakes, or something else (cold cereal), and lunch we usually buy something, and dinner we will eat if we get back to home in a timely manner (that means that sometimes we are out running errands and stuff like that late so we don’t have time to eat or are just too tired.)
4. I try to do some push-ups and sit ups but cardio stuff, forget about it. Ha-ha, I think I might be getting a belly...I haven’t weighed myself for a long time. 
Well that is it for the Q and A. I am glad that grandfather and Olivia went riding. I hope that they get back safely! And about buying soccer jerseys, I think I will wait until September because there is a big feria (Spanish name for a fair) that is like 3 km long and has a ton of things to buy for a lot cheaper. This week I did buy a cool jacket like my North Face one at home for about 27 or 28 dollars. It was a good deal so that is why I did it =) and this week I received a package from a loving family of mine from IDAHO! =) happy hump day! =) I loved the package and I will say that it made me a little trunky.... but I really appreciate all of the thought and love that you put into it. I love all the candies, dew, pics, and everything! =) I really appreciate every little bit of that! =) I loved all the pics with everyone and the camel poster =) You guys look so good! I LOVE YOU!  I wish I could express that with more than just words! I hope that you all have a great week and I will for sure be emailing you next week! Have a good one! 
Elder Tegan Hall

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