Tuesday, June 24, 2014

June 21, 2014; So busy!

Hey mom I have had a great week and it has gone by so fast!!! I can’t believe it feels like I was just sitting in front of the computer just a while ago!  We sure have been busy this week doing a lot of things. I have felt really blessed with all of the help I have had from the Lord and from everyone else that has been helping me out.

Hiking the river bed on p-day
1. Ok so this last week on Monday and Tuesday we had to take some elders up to Santiago who finished the mission and on Tuesday we went up to Santiago to pick up the new missionaries. We woke up at four that morning and I was up until about 12. It was a long day. The next day we had to go to the south part of the mission to take care of some things there. We took some stuff to sisters and we then came home. On the way home we saw that there was a traffic jam.... we were stopped there for about four hours. By the time we got home it was four in the morning. But i am ok with that. When we dropped the stuff off at the sisters houses we stayed for just a few minutes later to fix their stove. If we hadn’t have fixed it maybe we would have been part of the wreck. The wreck looked pretty darn bad when we passed. On Thursday and yesterday we helped a senior couple move out of their house in a little town called Chepica to Rancagua. They are going to be helping us with our duties. They are the Johnson’s, super nice people. We have been in the process of changing a lot of houses that we have now to better houses. I think that the president might have realized that the conditions were pretty bad. I don’t know if you remember how the house from my first sector looked but it was pretty bad.... so we have been shutting down some houses and finding some new ones too. It is really fun. We just travel a lot to fix the problems there are, to take new stuff to missionaries that need it and also we do some computer work, pretty much just keeping our records updated and making sure we are good to go. I really like it! It is different than what I am used to but I still have seen how the Lord has blessed me with opportunities to serve and spread the gospel still. It is great! We also have some perks, like right now I am sleeping on a queen size bed instead of a twin... ha-ha! A senior couple gave it to us so now Elder O and I both have queen size beds. We also have a sweet apartment. I will send you some pics soon. I just haven’t taken any pics yet... 

I found Narnia!
2. There are six office elders. We live in the same apartment building but the secretaries and the assistants live together and we have our own apartment. We live about five minutes driving away from the mission home... so pretty close!

3. Well I think everyone in my comp’s family are members. But really we have been so busy that I haven’t talked to him much about that yet. I still feel like we are getting to know each other. I wish that process could go a little faster because sometimes it can just feel weird, like I don’t know where my limitations are with him if that makes sense.... or how he will react if I do something. Still trying to figure that out but that is something that just comes with time. 

4. Yes I am the only new one in the office this change.

My sweet new boots!
5. Ha-h, yes! Sending Mt. Dew syrup is perfectly fine! Actually last week I made some dew for all of the office elders and they loved it especially the gringos. Elder H is our assistant. He went to Highland High school. He was happy to have some dew. I really like the group of elders that we have here in the office. They are all really fun and pliable to each other. We get work done too. I feel like that I have accomplished so many things this past week with my duties as comissary! I love that feeling. If there are any questions that you have that you would like to know just tell me! I feel like I haven’t filled you in on a lot of things. One thing though in the office is that we hardly have time to study. I have felt a bummer of a difference in my life as I haven’t been able to study the scriptures every day. There are two things: 1. I feel like I am kind of spiritually out of tune. 2. I feel like my Spanish is worse. (I study in Spanish) It is kind of an eye-opener to me on how much I really need to study the scriptures! So I have been making a bigger effort for that now the past couple days. 
Thanks for always being so faithful on the emails I really love them! It makes my day and that is for sure! I love you guys so much and I hope that you have a wonderful week too and I will be talking to you next Saturday! =) love you so much!!!

Elder Tegan Hall 

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