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Aug. 3, 3014; Happiness is...

Hi Family!
 How are you guys? I am doing great on a pretty nice Sunday afternoon here in Chile Rancagua =) Sorry I wasn’t able to email you guys yesterday we had a lot of stuff to do yesterday but now here I am. I hope that you all had a good time at church today and that you learned a lot!
 Thanks for telling me about your week! I really enjoy it every time and thanks for being so diligent with that mom. You are the best! =) It sounds like you all had a good week and that everything went well. Sorry that it is expensive to send packages here though... but I really do appreciate them more than you might think! Speaking of packages I did get one this week! Full of good ol’ treats that I love!=) I loved everything in there and the Rice Krispies were a hit here in the office. Ha-ha I am thinking that I will give a liter of Mt. Dew to Elder A because he loves it. I have three full bottles right now so I am going to give him one. I don’t even have time to go and buy the gas water to mix dew. Can you believe that?! I hope that you continue having great weeks full of awesome things and spiritual progression =) 
 Q & A 
1. The week was great. Here in the office this week is known as the Semana Loca (crazy week). We have the final lunch for the missionaries going home on Monday and then sometimes we have to take them up to Santiago... just depends on how many there are. Then on Tuesday we woke up at four to drive up to Santiago and go pick missionaries up from the MTC. I drove President Warne’s car up and it is a nice car. I felt a little bit of pressure but it is so cool that he trusts us so much. The whole drive I was wide awake and on the watch out. We got the missionaries and came to Rancagua again. They started their meeting and we went back up to Santiago to pick up their luggage. Later in the day we went and dropped Elder M off at his new sector Pichilemu. So we did a LOT of driving today and I got four hours of sleep =) ha-ha Wednesday we had to go to Talca (furthest city south in the mission) and give a house back to an owner. That was about all we did on Wednesday. Thursday..... Man, I’m not sure. The days just start to blur together and we get home with little time to write in journal etc. I am still doing pretty good at writing in my journal every day though=) Friday we had to go give a couple houses back and that was... well an adventure. We had told the missionaries in the sector to paint the house and get it ready to give back. We show up and there are still broken things and things missing and we are there with the owner. She wasn’t too happy but she was understanding that we had no idea the house was like this. So now we have a house to fix up... (That was a lesson for us that we should go to every house no matter what. The missionaries are great but maybe their perspectives of fixed up and clean are a little different than ours). Later we went to another house and talked to the owner’s son. He said he was disappointed with the way the house was (again we had no idea) and he is going to fix the things. So that was a rough day but we finished it off well. We gave the final house of the day back to the owner and she was happy with it. Her son-in-law lived in the states for a while and talked English. It was fun to talk to them. Yesterday we went to Talca to go and paint a house that we have to give back the sixth of August. We painted and painted, painted a little more, fixed a hole in the wall, cleaned a moldy bathroom with Clorox (I thought I was going to throw up) and we finished. But you know I didn’t mind it a whole lot! Elder O and I have a good time =) We later came back to Rancagua and we had to move all of the stuff out of our storehouse (bodega) to a different place because the owner is going to sell the house so we were up late doing that. The place we moved all the stuff too (washers, fridges, dryers, cabinets, etc.) is kind of ghetto so we are looking to have a new place asap. That was the week! But I found myself thinking this last week that I am just so happy and I know why too. It is because I have the knowledge that I do of this gospel and for all of the many blessings that the Lord has given me. I am so blessed and I just love living! =) 
 2. One of the new office elders is Elder L from Utah I think. He is really cool and fun to be around. The other one is Elder P from Brazil. He is great too. He speaks English along with Spanish. Right now I am practicing Portuguese a little bit. It is a cool language and fairly similar to Spanish. But they are great elders. We have a good group again =)
Well I am sure glad to hear that you guys are reading the scriptures and I hope that you can get lessons out of it. I KNOW that the Lord will bless you for your efforts. Have you noticed a difference as you listen attentively? =) You guys are great. Well thank you for writing me. This last week I was talking to Elder M and we realized in less than eleven months we will be heading home.... whoa.... ha-ha that is about all I have to say. Time is flying by but I love it. I hope that you have a fantastic week and I will talk to you all in the next week!! =) Love you so much and I am so thankful that you are my family! I couldn’t be luckier! =D
Love always,
Elder Tegan Hall 

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