Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Jan. 27, 2014

It sounds like the week went pretty well and low key! That is better than something crazy happening right? I bet you guys are lonely without dad... that is kind of a bummer but he will be heading home soon. It has been so weird to think that he has been in Chile while I am in Chile... but he is still so far away!! Wow sounds like the stake conference that you guys had was great! I would have liked to be there. I am glad that you got to hear from such great people and what they had to say about the missionary work. It is so true in this time that we have to hasten the work because every day we are closer to the second coming of our Savior! Everyone needs the chance to hear of the happiness this message has! =) As always thank you for sharing about the week I love hearing about it as you know and I hope you keep it up and I hope you don’t think that it bores me because it doesn’t! I love hearing about you guys! =)
Q & A
1. The companionship is good. Elder A loves to joke. He is always joking. I love him but really I would say he is joking 24 hours a day 8 days a week. (I did that on purpose FYI) but the companionship is good and we do well at teaching people I would say that we are a good team and the Lord definitely blesses us with comp unity which is so vital!!!! Investigators,,, Felipe couldn’t visit with us the whole week. I think he was making up excuses... I am worried for him. We are supposed to visit him today and we will see how that goes!!! Martin, we didn’t get to visit him either. We visited Maximiliano and he said he would read the B of M and was excited about it. Manuel has a baptismal date again for February 15, and we are working really hard with him. If it doesn’t work out, I think we will drop him for a while.... I don’t think that he does his part and he also doubts that he can receive the answer. We have talked with a lady named Fiorella and her brother Renzo lately. They are REALLY good people! Super kind, super sincere, they are searching and are able to accept the teachings. Fiorella is married and her husband is atheist I guess and they have a little girl named Camila (6). They are from Peru. We taught them the restoration and the lesson went soooo well! I felt the Spirit so strong when I gave the quote from the first vision!! It was the best feeling ever!! I love the Spirit and that it testifies of truths! =) They said that they will read the pamphlet and unfortunately they could make it to church because Renzo got sick.... but they really wanted to go to church which is a great sign! =) I think we can visit them tomorrow before they go out of town for 5 days. That is about it. We found a couple new people which could be good. We have yet to visit them =) 

2. On Monday, we visited a recent convert. I asked if I could go into his room and look at the fridge that he has in there because I thought that it was really cool! I then saw a jar full of dry plants... I was like what is this? He said marijuana. Ha-ha turns out he has a marijuana tree he grows out back for his brother but he swore that he doesn’t use it! I took a picture of a leaf and all the dry stuff but then deleted it because I felt uneasy about it. First time I have ever seen a real bush of marijuana and it was big. Ha-ha, that was pretty funny! The worst part is that I think my flat feet are getting to me because my left foot aches all the time. I used the green Dr. Scholls, could you send one?) That has been kind of painful and the other thing is that we didn’t get any investigators to church yesterday! All the plans fell through!!

3. I try to exercise. Sometimes I wake up in the morning feeling so groggy I just don’t want to so I don’t. I need to break that "don’t want to" barrier and just get the gain from the pain!

4. Hey I thought of my favorite scripture! It is Mosiah 3:17. I really really really love this scripture because it really is what our religion is about and everything else is expounded off that scripture! =) 

Thanks for the spiritual thought mom! I really loved it! It really is true and I try to remember that always because the Lord only wants that I give myself to Him and all the rest is just extra! =) and that is what I am trying to do. The weeks have gone so fast. I think I am losing myself in the work. I love it!! I have interviews tomorrow I will let you know how they go! LOVE YOU ALWAYS!

Love always, your favorite son, 

Elder Teg Hall =) 

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