Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Jan. 13, 2014; 6 Months!!!

Hey mom and everyone how are you guys?! Good I hope! When dad heads out I will have six months to the dot! Ha-ha, It is nuts!  How fast this time has gone! Sounds like the FHE went pretty well and that you all had a good time and learned a lot. I love that talk (“You Are My Hands”) from President Uchtdorf! It is a great one!  

Sounds like your week went really good and there were some fun things that happened. That is a bummer for the boys’ basketball but it sounds like the girls are tearing it up! Maybe they will go to state! Well, it seems like life in Idaho just keeps moving right along for you guys. That is great! That is the funny thing about time. It just GOES...  we just have to decide how we want to pass the time because once we decide; the time will either appear to go fast or slow, even though it moves at the same rate always. Crazy stuff!
I have had a great week and it went by blazing fast! I feel like I was emailing yesterday! This week was pretty good!
1. Our week was really good. Earlier in the week we took off with finding 7 new investigators! I was way happy and we also had a lot of lessons with too. We only visited Felipe once this week because it has been complicated for him. He has been working a lot to get extra time for vacation. He leaves Wednesday to go to many places in Chile including Puerto Montt! Maybe he will see dad! But we are going to visit him tonight. He has been trying to stop smoking and has been getting better but still has problems. I think we will offer him a blessing tonight to lose the desire to smoke.
I have a funny ish story. We found a guy earlier on in the week. The contact with him went great. He is named Daniel. He told us to pass by again in Saturday. So we did. We yelled ALO about three times and then he appeared in his window and chewed us out because we were supposed to know that he was resting. Ha-ha what a jerk! We ended up walking by his house again and when we did I yelled ALO then we booked it! Ha-ha karma.... ;) but not a ton ended up happening this week. We are working with this 82 year old guy named Manuel. He is trying to gain his testimony. He says he hasn’t received an answer but I think he has. He is just a little closed off. We will keep working with him and I hope that he progresses. Our companionship is great. We have a good comp inventory every week in which we just talk and help each other out. They are really helpful we have also been talking to a guy named Maximiliano. He doesn’t have the desire to go to church and won’t go until he has the desire.... he confused me but that is what he told us!

2. The worst part of the week is that every morning when we do our studies there is a lady outside who exercises in a little plaza and she sings....BADLY. It drives me nuts. Elder Amorim wants to throw water balloons at her! Ha-ha
The best part of my week is that I had a really cool study which consisted of a prayer to Heavenly Father to see how I am doing as a missionary, as His son, and overall. I just felt pure love! It was the greatest and I know that I am doing alright and I will keep getting better! It was fantastic!
The funniest part..... hmmm. I can’t think of any super funny experiences!!! Elder Amorim and I are usually always joking with each other so that is fun! 

3. Yes I got letters last week from you, Amanda Johnson, Kamille, and Aunt Jane! (Thank you for writing him!!!)

4. There was a drunk guy who approached us this week and Elder Amorim just tried getting out of there and the drunk guy told Elder Amorim that he is far away from God and that I am closer to God than Elder Amorim. Ha-ha he was DRUNK!

5. Yes, I thought of a couple things for my birthday package: 
      My wildlife Wednesday shirt, the one with the eagle and the Tetons 
      Maybe more photos, family, friends, whatever you want
That is all that I have thought of. Thanks for doing that for me!! =)  but just FYI there were no pictures on the camera chip you sent me.... must have gotten screwed up in the mail.

Well that is it about it for this week. Thanks for everything that you emailed me! I love reading about what is going on in Idaho!! I went to Jumbo today and there wasn’t any mountain dew.... but I bought Dr. Pepper. I MISS YOU GUYS. I love you guys. Thank you for all that you do for me. Seriously the Lord blesses us so much. He is watching over every one of his servants, including the members!  I really am so blessed to have such a great family and friends! The Lord blesses me unconditionally! I love Him and everything He does for us! I know that the church is true and I am so thankful I can share it with everyone here in Chile!! =) Have a wonderful week! Tell Garrett congrats on the Hoop Shoot and good luck next week. Tell everyone I love them! LOVE YOU FAMILY! Be safe without dad being around. Ttyl! 

Love always, Elder Teg Hall =)

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