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Dec. 30, 2013

Hey mom! How are you?! Crap, I miss you so much.... I really do.... I am excited for mother’s day and that will probably come up pretty fast! I sure hope that it does! =) That is so cool about the mission calls and that so many young women are going on the mission too! =) good for them! If you see them before they head out can you tell them I wish them luck!
It sounds like your week was a blast! I wish I could have been there with you guys... I miss you and seriously during that whole call of Skype I was so happy but after I got sad..... I miss you guys so much. 
I am glad that you all had such great week this week! I miss having fun with you guys but I am glad that you all enjoyed it! =) that is about it for my comments... sorry it is kind of short... but it sounds like a great week. This past week we weren’t able to do a lot because it was Christmas and it was just a busy time and things were hard to do. Elder M liked to spend a lot of time with the first councilor of the ward so I felt like we have lost quite a bit of time there.
Q & A
1. I got a new companion today! He is named Elder A from Brazil. I am the senior comp but I don’t think that makes a difference really.  He is cool but sometimes his Spanish is a little hard to understand because he has a thick accent. Elder M went to Talca. That was the shortest time ever. I don’t feel like he ever really liked me a ton but I would say that we are "friends". 
2. I live with Elder S an Argentine and with Elder A from Utah. I think that they are moving out tonight because they have to be in a three way companionship in a different house. So it will be me and my comp in our tiny house.  I am really excited to be with Elder A because I knew him when I was in Baquedano. He is a cool guy and I think that he is really spiritual! So it will be cool! 
3. I think that there are about 120 people in our branch that go consistently!
I love the photos that you sent they are all so good! =) I love the shirt that you gave Mady! hahah so funny! =) thanks for being so nice to them and being such great people! I love you guys and I am forever grateful for you examples! 
I LOVE YOU GUYS AND I WISH I COULD JUST EXPRESS THAT WITH A HUG AND A KISS BUT THIS WILL DO I HOPE. XOXO. I LOVE you guys! Thanks for all that you do for me. Talk to you next week! Have happy new years and enjoy your time! 
Elder Teg Hall, your son and anything else I might be to whoever reads this email!

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