Saturday, December 28, 2013

Dec. 23, 2013

Man it is sure nice to see some pictures of you guys and can’t wait for two days from now! =) and plus I got everything figured out for Skype here. We are going to go to a member’s house. He is named Raul and is cool, kind of like the Hermano G of the Recreo branch. I will be calling you guys at about 7 o’clock Chile time like the old plans and I still have all of the info I need to log on =) I hope nothing gets screwed up or I might get fairly upset!!
Sounds like you guys all had a great week this week. I have really been missing you guys and the snow too... it is hard to be in the blazing heat in the middle of fact, yesterday we had a choir devotional and I participated in it. I loved being able to sing again, it reminded me of choir concerts of high school but I felt so weird singing Christmas songs in the is a strange sensation.
That is so fun that case and Cynthia came over and so nice of them too! I was thinking about them on Friday and about all the fun things that they were probably doing! =) I am happy for them.
Me and my old housemates
Q & A
1. I am all set up for it and psyched! I hope that you guys are too.
2. My new comp is cool. He is from Arizona. He is 20 and has about 10 months in the mission field. I came here on Wednesday and that is when I met him and he seemed really cool. A couple of elders helped us haul my crap to the house including three packages I got on Tuesday (two from you guys and one from Phips =)  
We have had a lot of activities this past week for Christmas and stuff so it has felt like that we haven’t done a ton with the mission work that is “normal”. Elder M is a nice funny guy, he talks to me in English all the time so that hasn’t helped me improve my Spanish at all.... and I talk in English in return. I am just practicing English for Skype.
On Friday we had a cool experience. We had recently finished a fast in the zone to find new people. We did a street contact which went pretty bad and was embarrassing for us. Later we were walking and Elder M said we need to contact here. We did and nothing came from it. It was disappointing but okay. We crossed the street and then a lady came up to us and said hey I want you guys to talk to my son. Turns out he speaks English decently and is named Felipe. He is super interested in our message and in religion. He went to church with us and is already saying he can live the law of chastity because that is what we learned about in principles of the gospel!!! He is such a great guy!  
The house we live in is SOOO tiny! Four elders live there, three gringos and one Argentine, but it is home for the next month and a half at least. The sector is just about the same but the style of houses is just a little different. It is a nice place, just blazing hot! It is probably exactly five miles away from where I was! Huge change huh?! ;)  The ward is cool. I met all of them mostly yesterday and they all seemed really nice and kind of friendlier that what I remember Baquedano being... haha that might be just me.

3. Last Tuesday we had a Christmas activity and it was fun! We played ultimate Frisbee, dodge ball, and soccer. We also had some spiritual stuff earlier on in the day. The next day we did a huge service for about five hours of pulling weeds. I got cooked on my neck. I’ll try and send a picture. Tonight we will be singing some songs in the plaza de armas in Rancagua at 8. It will be pretty cool. We have been going to a lot of little activities lately with Elder M.  (PS I got my packages on Tuesday at the activity and I haven’t opened them yet! Well, I peeked at two =) )
Sorry this email isn’t huge but we will all talk in two days =) I love you guys so much and thanks for keeping me in your thoughts and prayers! LOVE YOU ALL SO MUCH! 
Elder Tegan Hall =) 

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