Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Dec. 2, 2013

Hey everyone!! How are you guys?! I hope that everything is going well. Wow three weeks until Christmas break! I can’t believe it! That is cool =) I bet Olivia is stoked. It sounds like you guys had a good week and did a lot of fun things. I am so glad that you had a great Thanksgiving and that tommy tasted great!!!!!! ;) Ha-ha sounds like so much fun and that you all enjoyed the family time. I wish that I could have been there with you guys but that is ok we only have one more Thanksgiving to pass by before I can be there again =) ha-ha with you telling me all of this things it makes me miss you all but that is ok. I like hearing about all the things that you have done =) That is so cool that Rod and Traci are serving in the nursery with you guys now! I think that the bishop did that on purpose =) 

1. Ok so the week was decent. We had quite a few visits to less active people and a few to recent converts. We only have three recent converts to visit in our sector so it is kind of hard to visit a lot of them because we don’t want to pass by their house so often. Elder H is a cool guy. He likes all of the music that I like with regards to the 80s and we talk about that. He went to an Iron Maiden concert in Mexico one time. He is a good teacher and I have learned a lot of things from him and we are both improving. This week we did a ton of contacts to find new people because right now we don’t have really strong investigators. We searched and searched and did a little more. We have worked hard but from what I have seen it hasn’t paid off yet. I just remember the scripture in ether 12:6.... That helps me a ton to maintain my faith and hope. We did however go to a reference we got to a guy named S. He is 23 years old and he has some Mormon friends. We are looking forward to working with him even though he says he doesn’t want to hear the lessons, just to talk to us... basically hang out. He is a cool guy. This next week we are hoping to find some great investigators. I hope that we do and we will work hard for it. I am kind of feeling like that I have been to every house in this sector but I haven’t. It just feels that way because I have been here for a while. Ha-ha but it is all good! We will do work while we are here.  That is about it for the week other than we had a zone activity and I made pancakes for the zone from scratch without a recipe and they were good.  I made cool shapes out of a lot of the pancakes like snow men, Mickey Mouse, a palm tree, butterfly, and a microphone! Hahahah it was a fun activity! 
2. The trip to Santiago was fun! It is a big city! All the papers and stuff I needed to do I got taken care of no problem and I also saw all of my MTC buddies there! =) It was fun! I was here with a 90-day visa and meanwhile, the mission office prepared my papers for a 2-year visa. That is why I had to go to Santiago. It was a good trip and we went to the temple grounds. I took a few pictures! =) I will try to send them!
3. I should have my own Skype. So if you could create me one that would be awesome! =) and just send me the info. You do way too much for me =) I can call you guys on Christmas day and the rule is for one hour... not sure how I feel about that.......... but I can Skype you at whatever time on Christmas. I think I will tell you what time as we approach Christmas ok? But I WILL MAKE SURE IT HAPPENS! I want to see you guys =)
4. I will shoot you some pictures if the computer complies =) 

Is there snow at home? How is the bishop’s finger? That is about all I have for this week but I will talk to you next week. I love you guys! This week I had a cool personal revelation. The Spirit whispered to me to always have trust in the Lord and He always will trust me. this also applies to the other people in the world to. I just need to trust the people. I was sitting in the zone meeting when I got that and it was so cool =) I also had a dream about being in Jamaica with Blake last night. I was not a missionary and he was. It was so good to see him. I miss him! He is my brother I never had! I love you guys, the Phippens, family and everyone!!!
Until next week =) 
Elder Tegan Hall

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