Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Dec. 9, 2013

Hey hey hey!!! It is so good to hear from you! =) Thank you so much for setting up my Skype account! I appreciate it and I am PUMPED to talk to you guys! =) it will be amazing! Speaking of that I am going to Skype you guys on Christmas day in the Godoy house!
Thanks for the 311 (I think he means 411 “information”) on the week! =) It sounds like you guys are thoroughly enjoying life back in Idaho! B-ball sounds like a blast and what more is that being with family is great! You guys are such great examples for me... thank you so much! I honestly think that I could not do the mission without all of your support and the examples you give me and I feel selfish sometimes because I am not as dedicated as you guys and I am so tired sometimes that all I want to do is sleep! =/ But thank you for all that you guys do for me and I am really going to improve myself with time!! I love you guys for who you are. =D
Q and A
1. I realized I really need to start writing down day by day the highlights because when I get in the computer I seem to forget it all!.... but I have been writing faithfully every day in the journal that Olivia gave me and I still don’t have any fleas!! ;) knock on wood.... ok but I will try and give you a run-down of what happened this week. we searched for new investigators by contacting houses and in the streets but little success comes from that...I feel like we need to do something more to find new people but I just don’t know what. We did however find this really cool guy named Christian. We were walking and we saw this guy making a concrete sculpture in his back yard. I wanted to talk to him, and I asked him if I could pass and look at his stuff. (Easy in because obviously he prides himself in his sculptures) and he had a lot. Ha-ha he had a dog, an Egyptian head, a couple naked lady sculptures that I took precaution not to look at and I will save the other for a surprise in a picture! =) ha-ha! We taught him the restoration over a period of time and he told us he is really searching for God and he has desires to find Him... but he has a lot of problems in his life. However that is nothing that the Atonement can’t fix! He smoked like 10 cigarettes while we were there for about an hour talking about religion. we will go back soon! We also got a reference from the Hermana Susana of one of her friends (Susana is the mom of Enrique who is hilarious young kid in the branch). We visited that lady named Erica. We had the first lesson with her about the restoration and when we left she hugged me!!!!!!!!!!............. :/...... I felt awkward... but after I told her that as missionaries we don’t do that and she was fine with it.... ha-ha. We also found a lady who has a son out on a mission in our branch. She is called Sandra and we have work to do with her. She needs to gain a testimony! We also put a baptismal date for a young kid named Jorge who had a date for a while awhile back but then kind of fell of the face of the earth... but he is back in the game!! ;) It was a pretty good week and I am thankful for the blessings that the Lord gives me daily!
2. Rodrigo and Sebastian (recent new investigators) - we unfortunately didn’t have any lessons with them this last week but we found some new investigators like I said! =) 
3. Christmas is here is similar to the U.S. The people put up lights and they have trees and it appears to be the same as the states. Chile is really Americanized it kind of blows me away and Santa Claus here is called Viejo Pascuero! ha-ha
4. The weather is killer and I sweat like an animal every day almost but we try to get in houses and teach lessons in the heat and do the majority of our contacts later in the day when it is cooler.  It is stinking hot. I use sun screen but I still have fear that I might get cancer! 
5. My new zone leader is a really good missionary. He is a square with all the rules but that is alright because it helps us out. He is pretty quiet but I get some laughs out of him every once in a while and he is a good guy! A good zone leader and good all around!

That is about it for this week besides some pics. I love you guys and I know that this work is true and the work of God. I have struggled and always do struggle staying positive on the mission and finding who I am and staying in the limits. I feel like I am not a huge spiritual giant because I don’t have a bunch of stories to share about a lot of spiritual experiences but I can say that I have truly come to know my Savior SO MUCH on my mission and I am forever grateful for Him... I know the He lives.

I will talk to you all next week! Love you guys!
Elder Hall

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