Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Sept. 27, 2014; Time is Flying...

Dear Mom and Family,

How are you?! It is great to hear from you again! =) The time in between emails now just seems like a day instead of a week.
Q & A 
1. Our week was good. On Monday we went up to Santiago to drop our car off to get some body work done because a couple commissaries back he crashed it so we got a replacement car for now. Santiago is crazy. I don’t like the big city a whole lot. On Tuesday we went down to Curico to talk to a house owner to decide how we wanted to close her house. We decided that we would paint and replace a few things. Later we had to go to a different missionary house and drop off a washer and do a number of different things. We almost had to make an emergency trip to a different zone because we got word that a house we were renting was getting foreclosed by the bank. That gave us quite the scare! Ha-ha but everything turned out in the end. We also kept on organizing our stuff this week. We have some awesome tools and they are all organized so when we have a specific task we have the right tools in an identified box! =) It is great. Yesterday we had to go and paint and replace the things we had talked about with the old house owner. Everything turned out fine we just have to give the keys back now. There were a few minor bumps and wrenches in all of our plans for the week but everything turned out great. We got back fairly late every day like 10:00 so we didn’t ever have the chance to go to our sector... =( but tonight I will be doing divisions with Elder J in Recreo! He wants me to be his tour guide there since I was there for 6+ months. =) ha-ha it will be fun! =)  Today we cut our grass, made hotdogs and French fries, cut Elder P’s hair, organized, cleaned the house, and now I am here. It has been a good day. I got a little bit of sun too. We cut our neighbors grass and he came over a little while later and was very grateful. That was a good uplifting experience. I also finished reading The Miracle of Forgiveness. That book has changed my life and my outlook on life. I am thankful for President Kimball and that he took the time to write it and be so inspired. =) 
2. Some things I wish I had brought with me are hair clippers but I bought those, maybe some more t-shirts and a couple pairs of jeans instead of one pair, mtn dew... ;) ha-ha but no for the most part I am content with what I brought. I would have brought a light jacket as well as a heavy coat, a jacket like the North Face one I have at home, some rain boots, but I bought some good ones here...that is it. What is the missionary’s name? I can give him a special welcome when he comes to the mission =)  
3. It was about 60 dollars or 27,000 Chilean pesos to send your package.
4. Fast food is a lot more expensive here. It hurts me on the inside to buy food at McDonald’s but it is good. I wish that they had Wendy’s! In Santiago they have KFC, Taco Bell, Subway, and other restaurants I think so that is cool! 

Well you know that I never gave you permission to read my journal! I just sent it home so it didn’t take up space ;) No, just kidding, that is fine that you read it. Oh I am glad that you guys liked that book The Gringo's Guide to Chile. I found it in a house that we cleaned out and it looked like a pretty good book.
That is weird that I have to start thinking about college now... hahah I will pray about it this week but I am pretty sure that I want to go to USU, like 98 and 4/7% sure. ;) But mom, thank you so much for taking care of me and my future by doing those things. I love and appreciate you so much! =) Thinking about college now doesn’t stress me out. I have been able to develop a better stress management level here in the mission. 

I love you mom! Miss you a bunch too but every day that goes by means that there is one less until the time I am able to see you guys and give you a big hug and a kiss =) You can send me pictures of an thing that has changed around the house, also if you see any deer, This is about the deer time of the year, and just a random pic that you take during the week. =) I love you guys and I am so grateful for what you do for me =) Have a wonderful week and I will talk to you the next one. God speed the right!!! =) 

Love always, 
Elder Teg Hall 

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