Friday, September 26, 2014

Sept. 20, 2014; Chile's Independence Day!!!

Hey mom,
 It is great to hear from you! I am so glad that the package I sent showed up. I was worrying about it hoping that it would and also hoping that it would show up for the 18 of September so you could get a taste of the Chilean Independence Day! =) I am glad to hear that you liked everything. It looks like that sweater fits Olivia just about right. I was nervous it wouldn’t but anyways with the CD it isn’t "printed" but "pirated". So that is the deal... I realized that after buying it... ha-ha but whatever. I hope each one of you got something that you liked. And yes the jersey I bought for me but I can’t wear it in the mission because it has a beer mark on it. So that is an after the mission jersey. The flag is for you guys if you want to do something with it. Also I am glad that you are enjoying the journal... I put a lot of feeling and emotion into it. It will probably be a priceless treasure in a few years down the road. Did the engraved copper thing of the Easter Islands show up alright? I thought it was a cool thing. 
 We are kind short on time because we had a cool p-day and had to go to a sector a long ways away to get some things done so the answers might not be too long.
                                                                                    Q & A
1. Our week was great. We have been working hard and organizing a lot of the stuff that we have. I have enjoyed being with Elder T. For Thursday, on the 18th our branch didn’t have an activity so we were able to go to Recreo and participate in the activity there. It was so much fun seeing all of my old friends from Recreo. It was a great week. The people were buying their booze early in the week and then for the 17th until tomorrow it is pure partying. When there is one holiday down here for one day that means that it usually lasts for about a week. It is funny. We didn’t go to many places this week. We were mostly in Rancagua. But the cool thing is that this Monday Elder T and I were able to go out and find two new investigators. They are an older couple that are evangelicals, Jose and Teresa. We just talked to them about churches and what we believe and why it is so important. We had a good time teaching and I really like the feeling of being out there and testifying of our Savior and His life.  Today we went to a place called Constitucion. We had to do a couple things there and we took advantage of the situation and enjoyed a p-day there. It is a beach place. We flew kites and hung out next to the ocean. Lots of fun! =) 

 2. I like Elder T. He is a good good person and knows a little bit about everything. There are some things that he does that I am trying to get used to. He will explain something to me and at the end he always asks "entiende?" or do you understand? =) Also he gets in my space bubble once in a while but that isn’t that big of a deal. He is a really smart person and knows a lot. He is the best option that I know of for a commissary. I have enjoyed my time with him. I am looking forward to getting to know him better and spending more time with him. This next week we will be driving a lot so we will be able to talk!
 3. For Chile’s Independence Day we went to Recreo, ate some empenadas de pino, asado (BBQ), and enjoyed the culture. It is a lot of fun and I want to come to Chile with you guys some day! =) I think that you would like it. I love this country!  
 4. The Silva family from Recreo gave it to me for my birthday. The really like me and I love them. They are good people. That was the kind thoughtful gift they gave to me in March. 
 Did dad get anything from the package or grandpa and grandma?  I love you guys!
You look really good in those minion hats! I thought that you would like them! =) I hope the package was kind of a surprise. Sorry that you started crying mom... haha that makes me miss you more... I also packed a hug for all of you in that box and all of my love. You guys are the best. I hope that you continue to do well and I will talk to you next week! =) Love you tons!!!
Love always, 
Elder Tegan Hall 

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