Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Oct. 11, 2014; Life is So Sweet!

Hello my beloved family,
 How are you? I am glad to hear from you and know that everything is going well. Wow, the weeks keep flying by. It is crazy... ha-ha after p-day I think wow we have the 6 day grind before next p-day but that goes by so fast. So before I know it is Saturday. Man, I am tired today though! I will tell you why soon!
 I am glad that you enjoyed conference. Do you have a preferred message? I really liked Elder Packer’s message and Elder Bednar’s message; regardless all of them were inspired!
 Q and A
1. Well this week we were busy as always. We had zone conferences this week. We went down to Talca to help there and that turned out to be a whole day trip. Some of the days I am not sure what we did but it was a busy week, lots of driving. We had to go up to Santiago and switch out for our car that was getting repaired. That was a good day. I feel fairly familiar with Santiago now! There was a conference for the new missionaries yesterday so we helped with that and we helped Sister Warne prepare a lot of food for hungry missionaries! It was a lot of fun. There was a pot of rice that weighed probably around 70-80 pounds... it was crazy! There are some hungry missionaries here. Today we had to go to Talca and fix some things. Since it was our p-day too we went to this place called Siete Tazas and it was beautiful!
Look it up on the internet if you want. It is a series of waterfalls. We rode bikes there for a little while but then my pedal fell off so we headed all the way to Talca, had lunch, did a couple things for missionaries there, then went to Curico to help out some missionaries there too. It was a productive day and a productive week. It slipped out from between my fingers. We have been continuing with the opening of new houses and closing down old ones. There have been some owners who try and take advantage of us and who have gotten mad but those are just details. Things couldn’t be better! The Lord blesses me more than I deserve but I am so thankful for it. We were able to go to our sector a couple times this last week and do some contacts and get to know a couple of the members better. A very productive week and lots of work but I love it =) 
2. Every house in the mission has an iron and yeah I iron my shirts =) 
3. The tap water here is fine. Ha-ha one of my concerns when I got to the mission was just that. Elder A, my trainer, when I got here got a glass of water from the tap and I was like, "Whoa, you can do that?!" but it is totally fine to drink and I haven’t had any problems. The paranoid missionaries use water bottle filters here. It isn’t a big deal. I haven’t heard of anyone get sick from it and besides that, the MTC should give him a water purification bottle. They did to everyone that I know here in the mission
 Well I hope that you guys have a killer week and that you continue to abide in good works and be happy! Life is so sweet isn’t it? There are just so many things to be grateful for and so many ways to express that gratitude. I love each and every one of you and pray for you and your well-being. I got my garments and O Livro de Mórmon this week. I have been reading a little bit in Portuguese! =).
Have a wonderful week. I love you tons! 
Elder Teg Hall 

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