Friday, October 24, 2014

Oct. 18, 2014; Commissary for 6 more Weeks!

Hey mom, 
It is good to hear from you! Can you believe that 6 weeks have gone by that fast?! It is crazy... and yes I should have one more transfer in the office. Elder J and R go so we have a new assistant and secretary. Elder P is the new sec (he is a cool guy) and Elder A (my trainer) is the new assistant. I am sad to see Elder J and R go. They are really good friends.
Q & A.
1. It was a good week. It was a little lower key than normal, which is good. We did some maintenance on houses this week and we went up to Santiago to go buy study chairs for the missionaries. A lot of the chairs that the mission has are just poor quality. So that was a fun trip! We also helped Sister Warne prepare food for the final dinner of the missionaries who go home on Monday and Tuesday. We are getting prepped for the big changes that will be going on this next week. They will be fun! Waking up early to drop off and pick up. Ha-ha I will give you the report next week. We also had a lesson with Teresa and Jose this week. They are really evangelicals. It is hard to teach them because they just start talking and talking. We will see if they go to church with us tomorrow. I hope so! 
2. Yes we do still have companion inventory. It isn’t the same but we talk about what we can do better to help each other and if there is anything that we need to change and stuff along those lines. It is fun. Elder T is a great guy and I am so happy that I am with him. He is a way better commissary than I am but that is ok. He is going to make big changes for the mission! 
3. There was one time in this past week when I was driving and I was tired and it was night time. I was fighting against sleep and keeping my eyes open. Then I just had this impression that you (my family) had asked for my safety in the mission and after that impression I was fine driving without any desire to sleep. I know answers to prayers come in different ways and sometimes maybe when we don’t get an answer it is because no matter what we do it will turn out how it should.
Well, I hope you have a good week you guys. I love you. Miss you a ton. Sometimes I just want to give all of you a hug, cry on your shoulder and tell you all how much I love you. I love you a bunch. Sorry no pics. I forgot my camera but the only new pic is of a burger I ate at BK in Santiago this week! Ha-ha not too exciting. Have a wonderful day!! Love you TONS!!
Elder Teg Hall 

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