Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Oct. 25, 2014; Tansfers Make for a BUSY week!

Dear Family,
How are you this week?! I am glad to hear from you. Ha-ha I swear I always say this but the week just flew by.... it is scary how time is flying. Sounds like you guys had a good week with lots of fun. Man, I want to see Meet the Mormons really bad!! It looks like a really good one. I am excited to see it when I get home...there are a lot of movies that I will want to see!
1. So on Monday we had to make a trip up to Santiago with 5 sisters and the secretaries to help the sisters get their visas ready to go home on Tuesday. It was a crazy day. We had gone to bed at 2 the previous day and woken up at 5. It was a long day but we got all of their legal documents done. Then that night we went to bed at around 12 and had to wake up at 3 to take missionaries to the airport and then go to the MTC. I was able to drive president’s car. It was fun and a lot of work. I got 6 hours of sleep in a 48 hour period... super tired. And I was only able to get a couple naps in the car but now I am recovered. =) It was fun to meet all of the new missionaries and see their excitement for the mission work. On Wednesday we went to the other end of the mission to take proselyting materials to them. It was also a long day and right when we got home a missionary called us telling us he left the keys inside his house and they couldn’t get in any other way.... so we had to make about an hour drive to open their house. Ha-ha Elder T wasn’t too happy. On Thursday and Friday we just helped fix things in the mission and it was a good time and a little more relaxed than the first three days of this week. Ha-ha it was a crazy week and a lot of work. It is also getting hot at
night so I have a harder time sleeping because I am hot! But that is alright we have a fan in our room. Also this week I got a package from the best family in the world! =) Thank you for that. I love all of the treats you put in there. The Chicken in a Biscuit crackers are really good=) and everything else too. Thanks for the dew and the jalapeƱo jelly. =) I love you guys so much!  Miss you tons.
2. No our investigators didn’t come to church and we weren’t able to visit them either... they had asked us to take them food the next time we went. They are poor people and really we shouldn’t give them food and help them out in material terms but I still wanted to go and invite them to church... but it’s ok. We will get there soon. Today we have stake conference and we will be singing in the choir. It will be fun !=) 
3. All the housemates are good! Really happy people and we are having a good time in the house. Elder A is really enjoyable now. We also have two other elders living with us temporarily because the owner of their house sold it and we couldn’t find a house for them on time. Thankfully they live close to us. All is well =) 
4. Well I don’t know why I think Elder T is a better commissary than me... just because when I was with Elder O I never took as much initiative to organize as Elder T did. I also have to remember that Elder T is on his home field (he is from Chile) and I am sure he has an advantage there. He is just a solid guy and I am thankful that he knows how to do a lot of stuff. He is an electrical engineer so he knows how to work with electricity quite well. I have learned a lot with him =) and we are just being more organized and prepared to fix things on the spot! That is the biggest change I think which is awesome. 
5. I am not sure why President Warne chose me to be a commissary. I have wanted to ask him the same thing. Maybe he saw in my missionary application that I moved pipe and saw I was a hard worker... well I like to think that I am. I cannot tell you exactly why... but I know that he is a very inspired man and that he receives very personal revelation concerning the missionaries and I don’t doubt that the decision was for a reason. I think it has been a personal growing experience more than anything for me. I have learned so much patience. 

I liked Jorg Klebingat’s conference talk as well. His talk was straight forward and good. I am glad that you are reading all of the talks. They were so good and just like you said can help us in so many facets of our lives in different ways according to our needs! I love you guys so much and am glad to hear that you are doing well. I hope that you all have a great week this week and that you enjoy Halloween. I miss you a ton but I know that the Lord answers my prayers and watches over you every day. I will talk to you next week and until then have a great week and be safe. I love you =) 
 Elder Tegan Hall 

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