Friday, August 22, 2014

Aug. 16, 2014; Umpteenth Stroke of the Brush w/ the Lord's Help

Dear mom and dad and Olivia, 
 How are you guys?! I am so glad to hear from you! I know, half-way through another transfer. Can you believe it?! ha-ha it reminds me of that song that goes "I close my eyes, just to feel the moment, then the moment’s gone" I think it is called dust in the wind... ha-ha but ya pretty soon I only have ten more months to go. Tomorrow I will have 13 months in the mission.
 Sounds like you guys had a great week! I wish I could have gone camping. I miss being outside and enjoying nature. I haven’t done that for a long time. We have been able to do little hikes and stuff here on the mission but no camping. I am excited to go back to that campground when I get home! ;) Man, I am glad that you guys are having so much family and friend time because that is important! =) I am glad that Olivia and Casey got to hang out a little bit too. That is so nice of Casey! Olivia did send me pictures of her adventure with grandpa horseback riding! It looks like a lot of fun and sounds like they saw a lot of wildlife! I am so glad that they were able to go and enjoy being outside and being together! =)
 Q & A
 1. So this week we have been BUSY. On the 15th we had to give a house back so for two days we had to work on that house and get it ready to give back to the owner. We painted, and painted, and painted. I painted the dust boards and I was sitting down. By the time I was done my back was hurting! We finally got that house done. There were some gross cleaning details too that I won’t include. I can’t believe the things that I will clean now because before the mission I would have never cleaned those things.... ha-ha so I will be more willing to help when I get back home mom ;) Then we had to paint and put carpet in another house. Initially we were going to have the missionaries who lived there paint it but they mixed water with the paint and the paint didn’t need
to be mixed at all so the paint was ruined. Then the owner showed up to look at the house and wasn’t happy with how the house was... so we had to buy a bunch of stuff to fix the house up. I wish the houses could be better taken care of! But that is ok it just gives us work to do. Then today we had to paint a house too which was our p-day activity! woohoooo! Three houses over the course of six days! ha-ha it has been a busy week and my body is just physically done.... I just need a good old massage chair like the Chamberlains have. That would be nice. So I dedicated a t-shirt to be my painting shirt. I will send some pictures.
Tomorrow I will be giving a talk in sacrament meeting. I haven’t even had time to prepare a talk yet so it looks like I will be doing that tonight. My subject is my life and the priesthood, fairly broad.... I am not sure where to go with it yet.... I have been thinking a lot though. 
 Good news of the week... we found a house for all of the six mission office elders! It is a beautiful house and probably too nice for us. It will also be the bodega and where missionaries stay the night when they have to make a trip up to Santiago and things like that. We are really excited about it. I will send some pictures next week. We should be moving in on Monday.
Also today I learned and have successfully done the Rubik’s cube! All of the time that we spend in the car has paid off! ;) I probably should have prepared a talk a little bit in the car but I don’t like writing when I am in a car. It has been a great week. I am tired.... REALLY TIRED. I look forward to the next week because it should be a little easier going. The Johnson's  (the missionary senior couple in charge of looking for new houses) are finding all sorts of new houses for the missionaries so that means we will have a ton of houses to close and give back which means a lot of work.... looking forward to it. I really have seen the Lord’s help this last week. I was thinking as I did the umpteenth stroke of the brush that I don’t think I could have done all of that work if the Lord hadn’t been there to help me. even though I am not getting paid with money I have felt that I will be getting and am being paid in other terms... so that was nice and kind of a good thought for me. I haven’t had much time to study scriptures which is a bummer..... I really don’t like missing scripture study because I feel out of tune and different when I don’t do it... so I will be making a bigger effort this week. 
 2. Yes I did take out money and I was planning on using it for the fair in September. I won’t spend it all there of course but I was running low on personal money too but that will hold me over for a long while I imagine so there isn’t a big rush to put money on the account. 
 I am thinking about singing a song with Blake when we get back I will try and send it to you. I really like the song. It would be with a piano of course. 
 It has been a good week, lots of water under the bridge and a lot of water coming too. I just got to buckle up and say a prayer and get to work! =) I know that they Lord will help me and I can feel the strength that He gives me and the support that comes from your prayers. I love you guys dearly and I hope that everything is going well. I miss you, wish I could give you a big hug. Mom the other day I got the little videos you sent me for Christmas on the chip to work. lets just say I almost cried and it made me miss you guys. I love you, so thankful for the family that I have, and so thankful to be a part of this glorious gospel. I hope that you continue to work on your salvation with each and every thought, word, and deed. The Lord will help us when we submit ourselves to his will and try our best. Have a wonderful week and I will talk to you the next one!
Elder Tegan Hall 
  P.S. Elder H went home this last week. It was weird to think that he is home,,, really  home to me... ha-ha. It was sad to see him go. He is a great friend and example. (Elder Harding is from Pocatello, Idaho and served as AP during the time Tegan has been in the office.)

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