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Aug. 23, 2014; Remember to be Grateful

Hey MOM!!! =) How are you?! I am glad to hear from you. Ha-ha, that is great that you heard “Dust in the Wind” this week. Elder Bednar gave a talk one time about the tender mercies of the Lord and how when he was first called as an apostle he was nervous but the opening hymn was his favorite and he knew that the Lord was aware of him and his needs. I know that is what happens with all of us too. The Lord always shows us his tender mercies That is the link to his talk.
 Olivia sent me a picture of their horse trip and it is so pretty! I miss Idaho wilderness!!!! That is great they are having a good time on their horseback riding trips! I should have gone more with grandfather but I loved the trips that we had together =)
Spring-time in Chile
Wow, football season has already started again?? About a year ago I was in my last week of the MTC and was so pumped to come to Chile. Now I have been here for almost a year!  I remember thinking about my friends who would be playing in the first game of the season. Ha-ha that is nuts... you will have to let me know how Hillcrest does. I am glad that you have been getting a lot of rain. It has been rainy down here too which is good but it gets cold. The first two days of this week were sooo hot... but the rest of this week was cold. I have enjoyed the weather. It feels tropical and kind of reminds me of Hawaii at times.

Q & A
1. Last Sunday we didn’t have anything to do really so Elder L (the new assistant) and I went on divisions to their sector. We went and taught a lesson to an awesome family. They are great people and the lesson was super spiritual. It was great to teach because it has been a while since I have had a chance like that. I learned a lot and I was reminded of how lucky I am to be a member of the church and also share the gospel message. I may not be the best teacher but I know that if the Holy Ghost can testify through me then that is all that matters. I just hope I can be in touch with the Spirit enough to do that.

This week we were able to move into the new house!!! It is enormous for us and so nice. We are spoiled but it is a multi-purpose house. Missionaries will stay there at times and it will also be a bodega for the materials. Love the house, couldn’t be happier in respects to living conditions. Definitely better than when I got to the mission a year ago!

We are trying to be really organized but there are so many things going on at a time that I feel like I can’t get my head above water sometimes... I try though. Elder O is a big help to me. We gave two houses back this week to owners. We spent a lot of time and money fixing up the houses but in the end they looked really well. The rest of the week we just fixed old houses up and painted and stuff. The weeks have been going by so fast and it is crazy... I don’t have time to write in my journal it feels like but I will start making time.

This last week I feel like I have been a little bit ungrateful... it is a terrible feeling. I have been thinking a lot about what I am grateful for and trying to appreciate more what I have. I really am so blessed and know that without the Lord and great family and friends that surround me I wouldn’t have anything.
Today for p-day we helped some sister missionaries move into our old apartment and we cleaned our house. We haven’t done any fun p-day activities lately.... I need a good fun stress relieving activity. This next week we will be going to the fair so that should be good =) I am pumped for that! 
 2. I can drive down here because I have an international driver’s license. It basically makes my stated license valid in any country where it applies of course. So that is cool but it only lasts for a year! 
 3. No, I am not in charge of paying the rents. We have a financer. (Elder D- senior couple) He is great and we let him know about all of the contracts and the rents and he takes care of the money! So that works out nicely. 
 4. My talk last Sunday went super well. I talked about the priesthood and my life and a shared the scripture from D&C 121:36. I talked about principles of righteousness and how I have learned those in my life. I told about one time when I stole a few Swedish fish from Eastgate Drug when I was a kid and we went home. Later you found out and took me back there and I can’t remember if I had to pay but I was embarrassed for what I did so I learned a great lesson there due to a loving mother who taught me a principle of righteousness. THANK YOU MOM! =) I also shared the pink bike experience. It was a fun talk =)
I love you guys and I hope you know that and more importantly feel that... I am so blessed with a great family. I hope that you have a wonderful week and I continue to pray for you and feel the support from your prayers. I know that Heavenly Father listens to us even if we don’t think so. I have shared an example many times on my mission that happened to me once. I lost my phone on a dirt bike trip to the pumice pits. I realized that when I got home. I went back looking everywhere I had been but couldn’t find it.... when all hope was almost gone, I knelt and said a prayer and I looked up and saw a corner of my phone sticking out of some snow. I had already looked in that spot too. I know the Lord listens to us even in the smallest and simplest things. I hope that you have a great week! I LOVE YOU! 
Elder Tegan Hall 

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