Friday, August 15, 2014

Aug. 9, 2014; Another busy week

Dear family, 
How are you guys?! I am glad to hear from you again. This last week has been a busy one as always and it seems like we hardly get a rest... but it is fun and I enjoy it a lot =) I am sure happy to hear that you guys had a good week. I bet that was a lot of fun being with grandpa’s companion!! Ha-ha that is crazy that they have gotten together like sixty years after the mission... maybe that will happen with me and one of my companions.... in 60 years... ha-ha long time.
Q & A
1. So the week has been crazy. It seems like little problems have just been receiving miracle grow, lots of water, and sun. Ha-ha they are growing like weeds! We had to move all of the stuff out of the bodega this week and temporarily put it in a missionaries house close by. It is kind of a dangerous area over there so we are looking for a new place as fast as we can... we hope nothing gets robbed. Also we have spent almost $1000 dollars repairing a house that was badly taken care of. We are making a huge push to get things better with houses, but it is kind of a tough time when the missionaries don’t really help... but we are raising the bar and changing the mentality of the mission right now. President and Sister Warne are really cracking down on having clean houses; so that is a big help but there is still a lot of work cut out for us. This week we were running around and fixing houses and dealing with owners too. We opened a new house this week too. We have been taking pics of the house before the missionaries occupy it just like dad mentioned. I wish the missionaries who had opened all of the houses before us had done that because it would make our job a lot easier. The construction quality here in Chile is just different and poor compared to the USA. I am really grateful for the houses in the US but it could be a lot worse down here in Chile so I don’t complain one bit. I have been having a good time with Elder O. We have a lot of fun and get a lot of things done. Lately I haven’t been reading my scriptures as much in Spanish and I feel like my abilities to speak are getting worse. I don’t talk in Spanish as much because we are in the office a lot and we don’t interact with hardly as many people. So I need to start reading my scriptures in Spanish more so I can keep up to date on my vocabulary and clean up the sloppy accent I have right now... ha-ha but sometimes I think ahead of myself and I say different words and mix things up just like I do in English a lot. This last week has been good, just busy. And for a day, I finally felt like I was on top of all our tasks that we had to do instead of playing catch up but now I kind of feel like we are playing catch up again. We do a ton of driving on the interstate. I think by the time I finish here in the office I will have driven more than I did with all my time put together before the mission! It is a lot. 
 2. Well we spend the majority of the week is mission dress, I would say about 90% of the time. We do a lot of heavy work in church clothes... that is a bummer. I am always so scared to ruin or damage my clothes. I have had two pairs of pants out of commission for the past couple months because there were holes in them but now Sister D, the senior couple office historian, fixed them for me so now I won’t have to use just two pairs of pants! =) ha-ha
 3. Well.... this last week we ate like pigs. we were always on the go and we had to get food to go so my menu this last week was Papa John’s pizza, hamburger, fried sushi, hamburger, Papa Johns... I felt pretty unhealthy so this week I am going to make a bigger push to eat healthier! I finally bought some gas water to make Mt. Dew! =) I am happy! But just FYI, if we ever come back to Rancagua as a family I want to take you guys to this sushi and sandwich place. It is super good. I don’t like sushi but their fried sushi is terrific and they have good sandwiches too! We just seem to get little discounts here and there for being missionaries. People are so kind to us and I really appreciate it. I am so happy to be in the service of the Lord and I hope I can live up to my calling and I will do everything I can to live up to it. I am about 2/3 of the way done with the Miracle of Forgiveness. It is super good and has changed the way that I think and act. Thank you for sending me that mom! But hey, if there is going to be a next package could you put a rubrick’s cube in it. I am learning =) I really have been enjoying all the things that you have sent me. Every time I look at the stuff I get from you, I just think of you guys and how much I love you. I LOVE YOU GUYS!! =) I hope that you have a great week. Thanks for the pics. They are great. I don’t have any pics for you today though. I am sorry. Have a wonderful week. I miss you guys. 
 With all of my heart,
 Elder Tegan Hall

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