Friday, September 5, 2014

Aug. 30, 2014; A Flat Tire and a Tender Mercy

Dear family, 
It is so great to hear from you guys! I am doing well. Just kind of tired.... I could use a nap haha but other than that I am great! How are you guys doing? Sounds like you guys had a good week! I am glad to hear that.
Q & A
1. So this week was good. We are still trying to get things organized in the new house but we are doing well there. We have a good time. 
This week we went to Pichilemu (beach sector) and had to talk to the owner there. She is ridiculous and says the house she rents to us is in bad shape but it isn’t. We are switching houses there this Monday so we have to buy new everything pretty much because all the things belong her... that was just a challenge. When we were there, there were two gringos looking for an ATM and so I talked to them in English for a second. It was weird but cool! I also saw Elder M! I miss having him in the office but that is ok. We painted a house in Talca on Thursday. I feel pretty confident in my abilities to drive around to places in the mission so that is good now because I will be the "senior" commissary here in a week. Yesterday we had on office day and just got caught up on some of the paper stuff we had to do so that was nice to take a break and not drive and do physical labor. We had a couple of cool experiences this week.

Flat tire!
Elder O and I were in Talca driving and I felt and heard something kind of pop... it was the tire. Fortunately we had a spare tire and so we put it on. Later we asked the people who were walking by if they knew where a tire repair place was and it turns out we got the flat right in front of a member’s house. So this recent RM from Brazil went and helped us find the place, another tender mercy from the Lord. The other experience is that we met a homeless 14 year old kid named Moises. I felt bad for him... I wanted to have him come stay at our house but I know I can’t do that.... but he was a friendly kid and makes a living by selling mini calendars, poor kid.  
Today we went to the fair! I had to hold myself back after a bit because I was starting to go on a buying craze... but it went really well! I bought a colo colo (soccer) jersey for 11,000 or about 22 dollars. It was a good deal and it is the new model too. I also bought some other stuff. Everything was pretty cheap and I am glad that we went =)
On our way to the fair for P-day!

A guy had the State of Idaho flag as his cover
Elders enjoying some fair food!
I am tired. This week we have gotten home at like 11 or 12 almost every night and then we wake up at seven.... I would like to sleep in for half an hour... but we can’t. Over all it was a good week! Just tired.

2. I should be getting a new comp... it is a 99% chance. So I will let you know this next Saturday because I should know who it is by then! 
3. Thanks for putting more money in my account. I hope you don’t feel like I am imprudent with your money... I feel bad when I spend. Actually I just feel bad for buying a lot of tiny little things.... but I did buy the jersey. It is cool. I will try and send a pic. I looked for a manger set but couldn’t find any.  We will have to wait until we are closer to Christmas. 
4. Well the first thing that I had to do when I got here was write down the goals I have for the mission. I have learned a lot about goals. Often times before the mission I didn’t really write down mini goals, I just kind of went along with the flow. I did have bigger goals though: mission, temple marriage, family, job, education, career, etc. I have learned that if we don’t make goals then things don’t happen how they could. I know that it is sometimes a pain to sit down and think (well at least it is when it is forced upon you) but it is worth it. Every night when we sit down and plan for the next day, the first thing we do is put goals for the next day and then we make plans to complete them. That is life. It doesn’t matter if the goal is "out of proportions" because when you start thinking that, you have all but forfeited or given up. Make a goal, plan, and work for it. If you fall short that is ok because you did your best. This also shows faith to me. You make a goal of what you want, how you’ll do it, work on it, and the rest will work out. We as humans always fall short but Christ our Savior picks us up and helps us the rest of the way. Often times I feel really weighed down by the fact I am human and make mistakes and fall short... but when we put our trust in the Lord those feelings will be washed away and we will be able to continue onward with superhuman strength because the Lord is on our side. That is my testimony about setting goals. I have yet to look and ponder about the goals I made at the beginning of the mission and see how I am doing but I know that the Lord has helped me be better.
5. I did get your package! It showed up in like nine days! Super fast!!! I love you guys so much and for your support. I won’t open it until the fifth. I am excited =) 

Man, I miss you guys... I wish I could give each one of you a long hug... I hope you are doing well. If you need anything let me know and I will do my best to do it for you =) I hope that you have a great week especially as school starts. I am glad that you had a safe summer and a fun one too! For the next one I will be home!! I love you guys so so so much =) Have a wonderful week!! 
Elder Tegan Hall

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