Friday, June 6, 2014

June 2, 2014; Ether 12:6

Hey mom, HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!!!  I hope that your day has been great so far and that you are loving it. =) it sounds like you all had a good week and everything is going fine.
 Wow that is crazy that boys a year younger are already heading out to the service of the Lord! I can’t believe a year has come and gone like that... nuts. 
 I know I need to get better with my patience but I feel the Lord bless me with understanding. There are a lot of trials I understand now that I wouldn’t have understood before. 
 1. The baptism of R in the end didnt happen. Turns out that her mom has to have a calling and she won’t be able to get one for a few months according to the bishop. But they all understood. I do too. At first I was a little upset but really this is going to fulfill the promise in ether 12:6. I know it! She will be getting baptized in the future though, probably when I am not here.
 2. Slow finding investigators. L and C went to church again. We have been making the lessons a little more fun with them now!  =) C is scared of going to primary because the little kids hit him one time at an activity of the ward. So that is the challenge now that he goes to primary. Ha-ha but they are great! And we visited N yesterday. She is good. Slower progress but true progress! =) ummm... V, a less active is progressing like a champ. Tomorrow we are going to have and FHE with him and his two non-member kids. We are excited for the potential there! =) and that is really about it. Kind of a slow week in the work but it sure flew by. I did divisions this week with Elder Hinostroza from my district. It was cool! =) An Elder from the Quorum of the 70 visited us this week, Elder Salas. We sustained him in the last conference of April. He was great. He talked about how we need to develop our faith as a mission. I loved his visit. 
 3. I am great, pretty content with how everything is going. It doesn’t turn out how I want it to always but it sure turns out better in the end if we really think about it. I really like being a district leader. It is a great blessing to be able to serve and help people out in their sectors too =) I like it! 
 4. We went bowling for p-day!! =) I will try and include pics. Ha-ha I fell over though.... the floor was slippery! And we ate some good empanadas! 
 5. I have about a liter and 4/7 left of Mt. Dew syrup. ;) Ha-ha no not really but I do have a liter and a little bit. So I am doing good! Love that stuff so much. Such a good flavor =)

Oh wow I am glad that the letter showed up for you birthday! =) ha-ha that makes me happy! Well I am glad that you liked it. Sorry I don’t do that more often.... I will try harder. Thank you for everything mom and I love you! I hope that you can enjoy your birthday dinner tonight for me =) The email is kind of short but I need to get back to some other people too... sorry about that but I will send you some pics!!! I hope that you all have a great week and enjoy it a lot!!! LOVE YOU! =) Enjoy the summa summa summa time! =) the weather is really nice down here still. It gets cold at night but still about 60 or 50 degrees during the day. Very pleasant. Not as good as Idaho summer though!!!

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