Wednesday, May 28, 2014

May 26, 2014; Be a missionary!

Hey mom, it is good to hear from you and guess what I have the whole time I need to email today! Ha-ha I made sure that we had enough time today. 
1. Ok so I apologize for last week and that I only emailed the shortest little email. So last week, right when we got done with internet, I was kind of upset with everything because I really wanted to talk to you guys.... so we went to a visit that we had set up but it fell through and then we talked to the neighbor and she shut us down.... that was not cool at all... I was ticked, ready to go to the house and just call it a day but I just told myself that I needed to keep pressing forward. So we went to a different house and the Lord came through. There we were able to have two new investigators and a new less active person. The investigators are named R and M. The less active is named J. She is the daughter of R and M is her friend. We had a pretty good lesson there and I was really happy and that got my spirits up. We were able to visit with them one other time during the week. So I just want to testify that the Lord blesses us for every little rule we keep. Just like D and C 130:20-21 says. I really like that scripture. 
We went to the feria again and contacted a lot of people. We were able to go to one visit on Friday and they guy pretty much just bashed on us and the Book of Mormon. We wanted to show him 2 Nephi 29... I think that might have shut him up... but it frustrates me when people are so blind that they can’t even recognize that the truth is in front of them... I just hope and pray the Lord will bless the Chileans.
On Saturday we had a bbq at the church for the Elder’s Quorum and that was a good activity. L and C went to the activity. So another story is that this Saturday we should be having a baptism. R is getting ready and her mom is getting activated in the church. We have everything set up to go but now it looks like R won’t be able to get baptized until her mom has an assignment or calling.... so we might have to cancel everything.... I hope we can talk to the bishop and maybe she can get an assignment. She does have an interview this Thursday. We shall see...
Another crazy story is that this Wednesday night on the 21 of May we saw a big old fire on a street called 21 of May. We helped pull some things out of a house to the side and then the firemen showed up. It kind of made me want to be a fireman... hahhaha but I felt bad for the people and their houses. The next day we went and talked to them and offered our help... other than that there wasn’t too much this week. I am just trying to keep pressing on. I feel like I need to be recharged a little bit... I know that will come through feeling the Spirit and having good experiences. 
2. I had an interview with the president a couple of weeks ago. It went well and he just said that he knows when the missionaries are obedient the Lord will bless the Chilean people. I really love our president. He is a really good guy and he is a great example to us. 
Lovin' the Hawaiian package!
So that is about it for this week. I hope that you guys have a good one. I love you so much and I hope that you are doing so well! I am glad that you guys still get to keep in touch with my friends even though I am not there. I miss all of you!!! I would like to leave you guys with a challenge to do some sort of missionary work this week. Give a reference, leave with the missionaries, talk about the gospel with someone and I know that the Lord will bless your lives so that you can do this!!! =) I love you guys and I hope you have the greatest week! =) 

Love always, 
Elder Tegan Hall 

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