Wednesday, April 9, 2014

March 31, 2014

Hey mom it is so good to hear from you guys and that you all arrived to Hawaii safely! =) Did you guys go to the same ward as last year? I am glad that you went to church and enjoyed it all =) 

Sounds like the week went well and that you all had a good time opening presents with dad and celebrating his bday! I hope that it was a good time! That is nuts that a year has already come and gone since we went to Hawaii as a family and with Blake! Do you realize that a year ago tomorrow I received and opened my mission call?!  Crazy right?! I really hope that you enjoy your time while you are there and the beach too. I am looking forward to the family vacations we will do after I finish the mission! ;)

1. So this week was kind of a bummer. It started off good and we put two baptismal dates and they all understood the importance of baptism. We had to set up a new date with Cristobel because he didn’t go last week. We also put a baptismal date with a lady named Alejandra. She is really cool but she is moving tomorrow and will no longer live in our sector! =( so we are kind of sad about that... we found one investigator this week and he is really good! He is named Rafael and we only had ten minutes to meet up with him but he should be making some progress. We will visit him tomorrow. We had two people ready to go to church but they didn’t go!! We did however get a less active to go to church that has been to church one time since I have been here in Recreo! So we were excited about that! =) but that is about it this week. It has been slow.... we contacted a whole street one day and not one person let us in.... it gets upsetting sometimes and I have a hard time not getting discouraged!!!.... But Elder A is pretty good. We do a pretty good job teaching together. I can’t remember anything too crazy that happened! I am still trying to write in my journal every day so you can read when I get home.
2. This last week in our District training, I shared about our objective as missionaries and how when we do what the Lord asks us to do He will bless us. I shared the story about Samuel the Lamanite and how he fulfilled the Lords commandment and he was blessed because the Nephites couldn’t kill him with their arrows. Then we talked about giving commitments to the investigators so they can change and repent of their sins. It was a pretty good class. At the end we did practices to help out all the missionaries in my district. I still have four sisters in my district and they are really nice to me so I don’t feel like anyone criticizes me at all! That is good! ha-ha 
3. We are still just living two missionaries in our house but there are 8 missionaries in total in our ward. Two sisters, two that work in the office and two that live in a different house, and us. So every companionship has a different house. The other two Elders are from Venezuela and Peru.
4. I still haven’t bought tennis shoes. I just feel like that I haven’t had any time to do it!!! But I am going to get around to it a promise! =) but btw the shoes Sandra sent are great! I used them for church yesterday! =) 

Well that is it for this week. I am going to try and send some pics your way and we will see if the computer cooperates! =) I love you guys a ton! Tell dad and V and grandpa that I say hi and I love them all! I hope that you all have a great week this week and enjoy the beach! I am pretty darn jealous!!! Ha-ha love you all and I hope that you have a great time!!! =) 

Love always, 
Elder Tegan Hall 
Holy cow I don’t know what is happened with the computers but it doesn’t let me send pics.....!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I am getting frustrated hahahha iPhones make it so easy!

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