Wednesday, April 23, 2014

April 21, 2014

Hey mom it is good to hear from you! =) just like always. I really like your analogy with the IRI testing. That is so true. The Lord wants us to put goals, goals that we think that we can reach. Then when we do all we can to accomplish them it doesn’t matter if we fall short!! We did our best and really we didn’t even fall short because we progressed right?! Thanks for that mom I appreciate it =) 

Thanks for the news on the mission calls. I will still be waiting to hear about someone who is called to Chile Rancagua! ;) 
I want to try and make this email a little shorter because I have other people I want to write too! Just so you know…
1. Ok so the week started of crazy! A sister from my district had to go home this week for health issues and so pretty much the only thing that we did on Monday was go and give a blessing to this sister. That was a bummer... now the other sister that is the companion is working with two other sisters that are in our ward. On Tuesday we had zone conference. It was great! We just learned about our Savior and everything that He has done for us. I would like it if you guys watched a video on that is called Because of Him. It is great! We didn’t have interviews with the president though. We did receive flu shots! ha-ha it didn’t hurt at all. It was funny to see the missionaries who got freaked out and those who were like whatever. Later that day, we found out from the bishop that one of our less actives guys that we have been working with got excommunicated on Sunday. This guy is really good he has just had some hard times in his life.... so that got me kind of down. Also on Tuesday I found out that another sister from my district is probably going to go home this week for her health... so I was kind of distraught on Tuesday and Wednesday. On Thursday we went to the street sale and found a lot of future investigators there. We just set up a little stand with a bunch of materials! It is a cool deal. On Friday I did a division with Elder E, my ZL, and that was great! I learned a lot. He is a cool guy and might go to USU. It was a good division. Their sector is really crazy. We saw two dudes dressed as women that day... ha-ha scary... on Saturday we had a killer lesson with a family, Nancy and Domingo and Laura. They have accepted the missionaries before but never as a family. We taught about the restoration and the lesson went great! They actually went to church on Sunday too! It was so special and great to FINALLY have investigators in church. We really saw the Lord's hand this week. 

2. Easter was about just a normal day, of course we remembered the Savior and His sacrifice for us but other than that is was normal. But a good day! We did have some chocolate eggs. The Chileans celebrate with candy and the Easter bunny too! Chile is really Americanized. 

3. I sure did find a different computer! I was happy I finally got some pics to you. Sorry it took so darn long! 

4. Ok so I am not sure about this. I have heard that mother’s day here in Chile is always on the tenth of May. So that is a Saturday right? But I am not sure. I will get you more info about that as it approaches.

Just a tid-bit of info, the other two elders, now have to move into our house so we will all be living together for a couple weeks at least. That should be pretty fun but now the house is going to be crowded.  
I would love an Ensign of conference please! =) I thought about that this week actually! Thanks mom! The conference talks are soo good! I love the one by Elder Bednar too! Sometimes we just need more weight to get that spiritual traction we need! I hope that you can keep on reading them and applying them in your lives! I miss and love you guys and I hope that you all have a great week this week and you can work hard on all of the goals that you make for yourselves for this week! =) have a good one! 

Love always, 

Elder Tegan Hall 

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