Sunday, March 23, 2014

March 17, 2014; 8 Months!

Hey mom! I also have to make this letter short. We cleaned our house like all day and the house of the other elders so now we only have half an hour left. Thanks for the update on the week! I loved hearing about it! The things that called my attention was the spiritual progression that was made there in Idaho this week! Congrats to Brady B. and Heath!! =) That is so cool! =) 

1. The week was pretty good. We got better in some aspects that were lacking but we got a little worse in other aspects that have been better in the past. It has been pretty hard to find a balance. The highlight of this week is that we had a killer lesson with a lady named Alejandra. We taught the restoration and she told us she already believes that the message is true. It is just going to be really hard for her to go to church. But we will keep working with her and seeing how it goes. I am excited for her. Fiorella was busy all this week. Luis, the guy that was miracle number 2 last week, went to two activities with his son Cristobel who is not a member. So that is a possible future investigator! =) that is exciting! My comp is really good; he just is always trying to get under my skin with jokes and gives me crap about being a gringo. You know I am probably pretty lucky that you guys gave me so much crap when I was a kid, because now my skin is thicker! =) I fell on the darn bike on Wednesday. Long story short, I was riding without hands and had to stop so I put my feet on the ground.... ha-ha embarrassing and Elder A just laughed his head off! The bike also broke on me on Friday so we had to spend most of the day searching for the parts to fix it so that was a bummer that we lost almost the whole day. My feet are better, the therapist is helping but I think that it is going to be quite expensive..... We will see how it all turns out. I have two more sessions. But that was about it for the week!

2. I haven’t felt any earthquakes this week but there have been a few people that claimed they felt one. It sounds like things got torn up in the north of Chile.... =/

3. I will send pics! =)

4. So Miguel’s dad was going to baptize him. My comp and I were planning on going anyways. He is from a different ward. But two nights before the sisters from the other ward, who are in my district told me that his dad couldn’t and that he wanted me to do it. He is married to a member and they have two kids! He is going to be such a firm member and will be great! =) I am privileged to know him! 

5. We find out what the changes are this Saturday! I can’t believe how fast these past 6 weeks have gone..... We will see what happens. I have no idea what will happen.... maybe I will be leaving Rancagua finally! ;)  

6. It sure is feeling like fall! Sometimes I feel like it is a game night right before football! I haven’t had fall since 2012! Crazy right?! But I can notice the difference in the weather! =) I love fall! But I can’t hunt this season =/ ha-ha

That is good to hear that the chickens and turkeys are still alive! I love you guys!! I have to go now... I am sorry it is so short! Have a great week and I will get to you all next week! LOVE YOU GUYS SO MUCH! 

Elder Tegan Hall 

So the computer is stubborn. I will try a different way to send photos next week but this little card reader isn’t working or it is the computer I am not sure.... but I promise I will get pics to you! Thanks for sending some to me! =)  Tell rod to get some sleep! ;) hahahhaha
Love you ALL! 

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