Wednesday, April 9, 2014

April 7, 2014

Hey mom it is so good to hear from you! This last week went by a little slower for me I don’t know why... maybe it is because you guys were in Hawaii and I knew about it! ;) ha-ha

Wow the mission calls are great!!! That is so exciting for the both of them! =) It will be fun to listen to their homecoming talks when they are speaking those languages! If you have the chance somehow... I don’t know how, could you tell them I say congrats and wish them the best! =) 

Man it just sounds like you all had a killer time there in Hawaii and did a few new things this year! No sky diving?! Ha-ha that was such a good time! =) Are you guys all tan now!? I will be losing my tan here soon... that is ok though. I have been in moderately warm weather for almost a year now!! Weird huh?! I am glad that the flights went smooth too and that grandfather could visit his sister during your layover in SLC... that is the great thing about this gospel is that we know that the separation we have here on earth is only temporary and we will all see each other again!! =) I just want to tell you guys how much I love you and thank you for being sealed in the temple. The other day I was looking at a family pic of us after the civil war game and I just had this overwhelming feeling that I know that we can all live together forever!! I was just so happy and thankful for that testimony!! 

1. Man, our week was just kind of another slow one in terms of investigators.... Alejandra changed houses this week so we will be passing her to some different elders here in Rancagua but we did get a good lesson in with her before she left and we taught about the importance of going to church and of the Book of Mormon. We didn’t get a chance to teach Cristobel this week so that was a bummer. We had set up two visits with him and his dad but they both fell through.... we found a couple good future investigators this week and we have some visits set up for them in a couple days! Hopefully we will be able to see the fruits from that! I think that we just need to contact more to get more investigators. The members here hardly ever pass references..... We have to pry them out of them! So if you guys have a reference in mind I would give it to the missionaries right away!! (Read M. Russell Ballard’s talk) so that is what we are going to do this week is CONTACT!
2. We watched the conference in the stake center. I watched three sessions in English and two in Spanish. I understood each of them equally and that was really cool to say I can understand it all! Wow, talk about some killer messages this conference. To be honest Elder Holland kicked the ball off just fine with his talk Saturday morning. He gets really intense and I would suggest watching it instead of just reading. That is the talk that stands out to me, also the talk from President Uchtdorf on Sunday. They were just all so good! I felt such a strong spirit this conference and I know that all of those men and women are called of God! Watch it all please! =) 
3. No we haven’t had any big earthquakes like up north. Those were about 1100 miles away. One night I was praying and my bed starting shaking a little bit and I just thought it was my comp messing around with me but I realized it wasn’t and that it was an earthquake! Ha-ha it was kind of cool! But no damage happened from that one the best I know of. So we are all good here!
4. Wow, how can I begin on this question? Ummm... I have had some really rough times on the mission... really rough times... like I wanted to go home because it was so bad... and thanks to a loving mother who reminded me to read my patriarchal blessing I did so... and it HELPED! Every time I read it I just learn something different! A different line stands out to me that helps me in that very moment. One that has helped me particularly in the mission is something like this:  You may be called to bare testimonies in areas that are difficult for you but when you keep the Lords commandments he will guide and protect you. That just goes to show, life WILL be difficult but when we stay strong to the Lord’s commandments he WILL help us conquer every trial! I just know that to be true because I am still here in the mission. I love my blessing! And it is even more special that grandfather gave it to me! I know that he is inspired of God to be a patriarch. 
5. On a scale I am about a 6.5. I have had a head ache for the past few days and my throat hurts. I think it might be strep but I haven’t had it for so long I don’t remember the symptoms. I am kind of upset we don’t have many investigators but we will just keep pressing forward with that. Sometimes it is hard to press forward and keep the faith and hope but it is a great learning experience! 

I love you guys so much!! I hope that you have a great week and I will talk to you next week! Love you all!! 
With all my love, Elder Tegan Hall 

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