Wednesday, May 7, 2014

April 28, 2014; A pretty good week!

Hey mom it’s so good to hear from you! =) I love the email!

It sounds like Olivia had the busiest b-day party ever! I can’t believe she is 13.... That is nuts. She looks older to me too... it will be so strange to see her when I get off of the plane in about 15 months... ha-ha crazy. I am sure glad that you guys had a great FHE on Patriarchal blessings with the Phippens and Hunsakers. I sure hope the things that I wrote to you helped out. It sure is true Grandpa Hall is such an amazing man, such a great role model in my life! I am glad that you all had a great week =) sounds fantastic!

1. Ok so this week we only found one investigator. She is the daughter of a less active lady. The mom is named Rosa and the daughter Rosario. Rosa really wants her daughter to get baptized and Rosario really likes going to church. So that is great!! We want Rosa to get a calling to and reactivate. We will continue working with them. Domingo, Nancy, and Laura couldn’t go to church this week. We have talked to them about how the gospel of Jesus Christ can change people, literally change them and she just doesn’t believe it. This week we have a cool plan for them! =) but that is it for investigators. We went to the feria again and contacted 40 people in one morning! It was great and we have some future investigators from that too. Church went amazingly yesterday. We had one investigator in church, 3 out or 4 recent converts, and 7 less actives! The Lord really has blessed us a lot this last week. I have really just been trying to be an instrument in His hands instead of an instrument that tries to work by itself. It has really brought forth a lot of great fruit! 

Funny story of the week, we went to a future investigators house and shouted halo. A little girl came out like nine years old, and told us off. She said get out of here. Then I stood there for a second and another little girl, like 12 years, came out and yelled at us! Get out of here Mormons. We hate you. Leave now. Shut up and walk! Ha-ha I just didn’t know what to do except laugh... so I chuckled a little bit and she got more mad! It was funny and put me in unbelief! Ha-ha moral of the story don’t get down when a little girl gets down on you! ;)

2. Having 2 more elders in our apartment is ok. I feel like I take care of children. Maybe how you guys felt in the nursery... ha-ha Elder A and I do the majority of the cleaning and yes, my bubble has gone, Rod... ha-ha you make me laugh! But really, I feel a little more uptight because of this move in but everything works out. They are fun to live with; I just need to learn how to live with people who don’t care about maintaining the place! They had to move in because the house they had was the mission store house too so the mission just booted them out pretty much. 

3. I haven’t had any allergies at all!! Keep my fingers crossed, asthma good, feet good health pretty darn good! Just get tired sometimes but that is normal. 

I hope that you have a good week with testing this week and that dad and Olivia do well in work and school! Do everything that Heavenly Father asks of us and He does the rest. I have a strong testimony in that! =) I love you guys so so much and hope you have a great week! Ttyl
Love, Elder Tegan Hall

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