Wednesday, October 30, 2013

October 28, 2013

Me, Hermano Godoy, and Elder Leiva

Hey family!! =) How are you all?! So nice to hear from you. 
Thanks for telling me about the week! As always I love hearing about all that you did. I am glad that the missionary moms had a good time at lunch together ;) ha-ha sounds like a blast! Tell them hi for me please! =) Sounds like nothing to out of the ordinary happened which is good. Congrats to dad for selling the first one of those Oreions!! =) how exciting!

1. My feet are decent... the left one is really peeling badly. I dry it every night after I get to the house and take my shoes off. Recently I have started putting athlete’s foot cream on it and we will see if that helps. It gets progressively worse as we walk but only slowly. I have not bought shoes yet. I didn’t have the time to do it the last p-day but I hope today I can be able and do it! While I am thinking about it, I can’t believe how fast this past week went by! Yesterday I was thinking, wow I can’t believe that it’s already p-day tomorrow! That is cool =)
2. As far as cooking, sometimes I will boil some soup or fry an egg but nothing more than that. We don’t really have the time to cook... and our oven doesn’t have a door. We only have a stove top. Ha-ha but as for now there aren’t any recipes I would like. I will let you know when I want any. Thank you so much for your kind offer! 
3. Yes they do celebrate Halloween but I am not sure quite what they do... after this next week I will know and then tell you in the next letter. =) But it looks like it will be about the same thing as home.
4. The zone leaders just walk. The only people that have cars are the old couples that work in the office and the three sets of missionaries that work in the office, as for everyone else, feet on the street, or bicycles. 
The "Zone" last p-day at lunch! I'm in the very, very, verrrry back!
5. We have worked a lot with less actives and recent converts lately. We had a good turnout in the church of less-actives and also got a recent convert who doesn’t go to church very often, to go! =) That was great! A lady named Magali called us this week and said, “Hey, I want you two to come and visit my son.... turns out that they are a less active family and haven’t gone to church for a while. It is the mom, Catalina (15), and Pablo (13). They are all baptized but don’t go to church very often because her work doesn’t allow her time. We went to their house and started talking and Catalina ended up bringing two of her non-member friends to visit too. We had a great lesson about the Atonement of Jesus Christ. I felt the Spirit so strong and I know that they all did too. So as for now the two friends are our investigators and the family is some of our recent converts. Catalina and Pablo went to church yesterday. Christian, Jorge, and Anita nothing has happened with them... Norma and Orlando are no longer because they won’t go to church but they’re a nice old couple. Andres and Carla we haven’t talked to them for about a week. It is hard to get a hold of them and put a time that we can visit them because he works lots of hours during the day and Saturday and Sunday are his rest days....  =/ not much with investigators. I have had a difficult time with Spanish this last week and I don’t know why.... I think I haven’t been praying sufficiently for the Lords help in that. Also I feel like the Spirit has been lacking in my life as a missionary. I have a hard time of thinking how I can apply the gospel to peoples’ situations so I think that the Lord is trying to teach me something and I am trying to learn what! 
I just want to share one passage of scripture before I check out. It is about the Atonement and it really helped me realize what Jesus Christ did for us as our infinitely generous brother. It is
1 Nephi 19: 7-9. Super good and it definitely helped grow my testimony and faith. the time is going fast.... I miss you guys every day and I pray for you always... thanks for all that you do for me and all of your support. Christmas is only two months away!!! Skype, ha-ha! Send my love to everyone and tell them thank you for me please. I love you guys and I will talk to you next week. I appreciate it... I appreciate EVERYTHING! 
I cut my hair this morning...
               All of my love, 
               Elder Tegan Hall

            it turned out to be a little bit too short... ha-ha won't make that mistake again!!!

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