Thursday, October 24, 2013

October 21, 2013

Hey family, friends, everyone! =)
This past 100 and something days has gone fast huh?! This is almost 1/7 of the mission! Ha-ha I wrote that it was 100 days in my journal. Sorry there aren’t any pictures this week. We went to a different area to play some soccer and emailed in this area too so I didn’t bring my cord with me... =/ but next week hopefully I will get some sent to you =) Thanks for putting more money on the debit card! =) you guys are soooo good to me!
When I started to read about that Jacob shot the deer I thought oh no. I even recognized the day when hunting season opened but when I saw the picture it didn’t make me home sick. I know that the work I am doing now is a lot more important!
Thanks for telling me about your week!! =) I appreciate it! Sounds like everything is going great and that everyone is busy especially the Phips!  WOW. That is a lot of sporting events but they all won! =) great! And great for Olivia to be a little cooking machine! I am so proud that I have the privilege to call her my little sis! =) keep up the good work! She has already grown up so much in just 100 days!
1. Yes my foot hurts. I talked to Hermana Jett about it and I think that she will be helping me out.
2. The electricity thing is great! Works just fine and yes I do use it with my camera, iPod and speaker =) I think of you when I look at it because you bought it for me. ha-ha. Weird I know....
3. In my Christmas package I would like some jerky maybe, some axe hair gel (the red kind) if you can and pictures =) and not in this package but in some future packages I will need to more g2 pens... but don’t worry about that for now. And guess what....? On Tuesday I received my first package!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Filled to the brim with candy and all sorts of stuff! =) I love everything that is in it and it has all tasted so good so far! =) thank you! I still have a lot left. But you know I was so excited to see your signature and the note inside!!=) so I would like a note from you, dad, Olivia, grandma, grandpa, and the Phip`s, whoever wants to write me one really... thanks!
4. I got my haircut once here and the lady did a terrible job. You would be ashamed of how she did!;)  I am going to cut it today. Elder Leiva has clippers and I think that I might just buy my own because in the long run it will save money.  
5. Elder Leiva is good. We get along well and have some good laughs but we also work well together too. I am thankful that he is my companion. The zone leaders are good. I feel like it is an added stress to live with them though... they are super square with the rules but that is good. I try my hardest to be obedient! I haven’t had any problems with anybody stealing my stuff. I would not be a happy camper if that was the case.
6. So as part of my calling in the Young Mens, we go to mutual, we are supposed make visits to the young men in the branch, get to know them, get references through them, share testimony in church, and maybe someday teach. But it is a cool calling and supposedly it doesn’t happen too often… so cool beans! =)
7. The week has been relatively good! I wrote down the highlights of each day but I don’t have the paper but I will try to relate what happened. We were walking one day and were super thirsty and I wanted to buy a soda so we stopped at a little business. We got our sodas and started talking to the two ladies in there. One is a non-active member and she started the conversation. We talked a little bit and the other lady had questions about what we believe. We ended up teaching her the restoration in a short version and gave her a B o M and we will visit her again sometime soon. It was really cool! We have been talking to a non-active lady named Ruth who was baptized at 11 and is now 33 and hasn’t gone to church since. She had a miracle occur with her job after she talked to us the first time. She said she knew it was because she had talked to us and had prayed. It was super cool! She is committed to church this Sunday and we have visited with her a few more times. This all came about because I had the impression to ''halo'' at a door and it was her. Cool huh?! Ha-ha and we are also conversing with this old couple named Orlando and Norma. They have 7 kids and they don’t believe in the Catholic Church, Jehovah witness, evangelic or any of them. But they are taking the lessons super well. I think that they might be future baptisms! =) the only thing is that they talk foreverrrrrrr. Ha-ha but it is all good. We also have been talking to this guy and his family, Andres, his wife Carla, and two boys that can be baptized. Carla is super prepared for baptism. She just needs to gain a testimony of the B o M. We are going to teach the family the Plan of Salvation this week. They are outstanding! =) but there isn’t really much more than that....

Tell Aunt Michelle thank you please =) How kind of her (I sent a copy of your email to him). My favorite scripture as of now, because they do change on how I am feeling and what is happening in life, is Moroni 9:6 and it is perfect for the missionary work. I just imagine that Heavenly Father is talking to me when I read that scripture. Love it and I know that everything with His divine help is possible! Just like 1 Nephi 3:7 says. =) love it all!! Thank you for all of your love and support and I feel it each and every day. Love you guys more than words can say. Thanks for letting me take this opportunity to be on a mission. I will talk to you all next week! 

Love always, 
Your son, nephew, grandson, cousin, friend, all the rest, 
Elder Tegan Hall

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