Tuesday, October 15, 2013

October 14, 2013

Thanks for the run-down of your week! I really appreciate it! It sounds like everything is going well except for the HHS football program. Send them my condolences... ;) but really that stinks for them. Wow grandfather is a workaholic. I can just imagine all of the work he did on his mission with all the ambition he had. I will strive to be like that. Tell Garrett happy late b-day for me =) what a stud! I miss him and playing hoops with him downstairs! That seems just like yesterday for me. Man I am jealous you all went to the game at Utah State! How cool is that! We will all have to go when Blake and I get back home =)

Me and Elder Leiva
1. The doctor’s appointment went well. How did you know I had one? We had a little bit of a trouble getting in because I don’t have my Chilean visa number yet but somehow I got in. I took my prescription of Advair in to the doctor so she could look at it. They don’t have Advair down here but she gave me a prescription for something that will help me and she also listened to my lungs. I have asthma ELDER ARJONA! =P  Ha-ha, she also gave me a prescription for allergies. I haven’t had them though. The appt was about 15,000 pesos 30 dollars I think and then Hermana Jett went with us to the pharmacy to buy the meds for me. She is super nice. I kind of hope I am assigned to the office sometime in the mission so I can be around the old people from America. It feels like being with grandparents! Hahaha but I am glad that Prez Warne and Hermana Jett are so swift to respond. I am in good hands!  

2. The new comp is good. He is from Chile Punta Arenas, very south.
3. I am in the Baquedano branch, Tupahue stake I think. I am certain about the branch.

Petting a "flea-less" dog we call Gordita
4.Knock on wood but I haven’t had any fleas at all yet. I will regret saying that... but yeah! Sorry Olivia, I can’t tape them in the journal as for now! But I write in that journal every day! =)
5. Ok I will probably buy new shoes next week. Thanks mom. I might just use the credit card to start building credit yeah? 
6. So Elder Leiva and I met this lady who was baptized when she was 11 and now is 30-something and hasn’t gone to church since then. We hope to reactivate her. She is called Ruth. We had a powerful spiritual lesson with the little girl Pilar and her mom Judith and step dad Felipe on Saturday. She had been a little bit rebellious lately and Felipe and Judith have been fighting as well, but we had a great lesson about the priesthood power and how it can bless us immensely. They felt the spirit so strong, as well as I did. I almost cried and Judith did. It’s amazing how my mouth was filled with words as I was teaching. The Holy Ghost is so real and I love it! I think that lesson really helped that family. We have talked to so many drunk people on the street this week because they approach us asking for money or something. We usually just give them a pass along card! Ha-ha but none of them have been aggressive. I got kissed on the neck by a drunk guy too. One of our investigator’s dad but that investigator named Romina is no longer... stupid. But that was an invasion of my bubble big time. Ha-ha Sunday was a fantastic day. Yesterday when Elder Leiva and I were entering the parking lot of the church building this girl came up and said, “Elders, elders, I need your help. I want to be baptized”...Ha-ha I thought, "Is this a joke?" But she was serious and she has learned the lessons from one of her friends for about 6 months. She really knows like everything. She has read the B o M and has the D & C and Principles of the Gospel wow. But she doesn’t live in our zone unfortunately so some other elders are going to teach her and baptize her. That was a bummer for Elder Leiva because he hasn’t had a baptism yet... but we will get him one. 
Pilar with her mom and step-dad

Also I had the opportunity to confirm Pilar and give her the Holy Ghost. Wow that was great! My mouth was filled and I had previously thought about what I would say but didn’t end up saying that. The Lord filled my mouth. Super cool and it was all in Spanish! 
We had three baby blessings too. Elder Leiva and I got called to be the first and second councilors in the young men’s presidency! Ha-ha a ton happened yesterday and I was stressed out and tired but it all went great! Feel better today! But that is it for now. I do know that miracles come through obedience and also fasting! I fasted yesterday for about 24 hours and that is why we saw that miracle. Read in Malachi chapter 3 verse 10, I think. It talks about the blessing of tithes and fasting! But that is it for this week! 
I love you guys so much and I really pray and think about you every day! Something I might need in the future is some g2 pens but for now I am good! I have everything that I need! Except you guys.... but I love you and thank you for all of your prayers and support! Send my love to everyone please!! =) 
Elder Tegan Hall =) your son, nephew, grandson, friend, missionary!

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