Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Nov. 9, 2014; I Am Happy With Whatever Comes My Way‏

Me and Elder Tronky

Dear Family!!
How in the world are you guys doing?
 Q & A
1. Our week was great. On Monday Elder T and I went up to Santiago to try and fix a problem that both President and Sister Warne had with their cell phones. It is so nice having a Chilean comp because he knows how to deal with the people better than anybody! Also I get to observe and learn and sometimes even get my feet wet! ;) On Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday, we repaired a house that was pretty destroyed. I took some before pics and will soon have some after pics. We have had to paint the place, put in new outlets, some sheet rock, glass, and a whole variety of things. I have become pretty handy with the time I have as commissary. I have learned a lot of stuff. We worked like dogs in that place... it was a lot of work and we still aren’t done! Tonight we will go back and finish! Then next week we will probably be giving the house back to the owner. Lots of fun! 

Yesterday we went to Constitucion (a beach sector =) to help the four sister missionaries there move. They moved from the third level in one building to the fourth level in another. It was a LOT of work... ha-ha but I am getting some killer muscles. Then later the owner came and was going to repair a couple things on the apartment but he had no idea what he was doing. We tried helping him but he would just intervene so in the end we sat back and watched him struggle. By the time we were done it was too late to drive home (three hour drive) so we stayed the night there! We slept in the car. Ha-ha it was pretty fun. We drove back this morning and had a sweet p-day! We blew up about a 1000 balloons and put them in a small area. Then we played a game to find a single golden balloon and two silver ones. In the end it turned into a party of kicking balloons around and having a good time. Elder L filmed it so I will have him pass me the video. It was a killer week but went by sooo fast! I couldn’t believe it! 

2. Well I don’t know where and with whom I want to serve with after I leave the office.... I think it would be awesome to go to Pichilemu but we will see. I would love to train but we will see. And...I would like to be comps with Elder M but we will see how things go! I am happy with whatever comes my way. =)

Well this week I learned that even when we are tired and we might want to quit but we are engaged in a good cause, we just have to keep going. The Lord will always help us when we are doing our best to build the Kingdom of God over the earth. No matter how small or big, easy or hard, short or long the task is, He helps us! I have felt that in my life this week. I love you guys and I hope that you are able to have a great week! 
I am going to send some pics your way! =) Love you so much!
Love, Elder Hall 

The moon over the ocean last night

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