Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Nov. 1, 2014; Do A Good Deed Daily

Dear Family,
How are you?! Another week gone... what? I am glad that you were able to go to the new ward and enjoy it =) Last Sunday we had stake conference and the stake presidency got reorganized. The bishop from Recreo is now the second counselor! That was cool for him.
1. Well this last week we delivered some materials and we have been focusing a lot on making the mission bikes better. All of the repairs that the missionaries do are bad so we pick the bikes up and bring them to a trustworthy repair shop in Rancagua. It has been working out really well for us. We also gave a house back to an owner. Elder T went to Santiago with Elder P and I did divisions with Elder P (new sec) and we took a phone and some visa stuff to some missionaries that day. It has been really good. I have been slacking at writing in my journal this week. It has been hard because I get home and all I want to do is rest.... I just need to kick myself in the rear end and get to it! Today we went and did paintball and it was awesome! We played in a forest and it was cool!
2. Yes Elder A has begged me to go running and I say NO! Ha-ha maybe once I will go but I am not certain... I just don’t like running. I haven’t really talked to him a whole lot about our time as companions but that is okay... I don’t care. I like him a lot now and am glad that I am able to get to know him a little more now that I know how to speak and understand Spanish better. =) 
3. Halloween was really normal... didn’t even feel like Halloween other than the people dressed up. We did some office work and then we had to take a mattress to a house later in the day. It was low key and not much going on. Our neighbor has a little boy who dressed up as batman so I talked to him for a minute and that was fun. One kid stopped by at our house and did trick or treat and I said we don’t have treats so it has to be a trick and he said "well I can throw an egg at your head" and I said you will regret it! Ha-ha it was funny but we did see a motorcycle gang cruising around in costumes. That was cool I want to do that when I am older! 
4. Singing at stake conference was awesome! It was a good stake conference but very few speakers and long talks. It was hard to stay focused but that is okay. I already told you a little about it. I saw a lot of people from Recreo there! =) It was cool! 

Sometimes with this assignment that I have it is a little harder to keep the big picture in mind and I feel like life is that way too. But I know that as we read the scriptures, pray often, and always try our best the Lord will bless us with the chance to get better and with an ability to always have the bigger picture firmly set in our heads so we can aim high and achieve our goals. It has been a lot of fun and interesting having this assignment because I have learned so many things that I couldn’t have learned being a normal missionary. I think this assignment has definitely helped me prepare for life after the mission. I hope that all of you have a great week and that you are able to do a good deed daily! =) I love you with all of my heart! 

Love always, 
Elder Teg Hall

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