Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Sept. 15, 2014; I Love my Work!

Hey Family!
  I am doing great. Sounds like you guys had a good week. I miss participating in all of the activities that you guys do... Cafe Rio... so good! I am glad that you saw Mrs. Crabtree too! She is such a great lady and I love her! She was my favorite teacher =) I learned the most about life in her classes...not just material lessons but lifelong lessons. That takes skill!
Q & A
1. This week was brutal. On Sunday we went and picked up Elder T. He is from Santiago and a great kid! He has a lot of excitement and lots of plans to help make the mission better so I am excited to be with him. Sunday night about 6 missionaries stayed at our house so they could have their final lunch with President and Hermana Warne on Monday. On Monday we helped run missionaries around to president´s house and we taught Elder T a little bit about our job as commissaries. We went to go pick up mail and I had a package from Christina! That was so nice of her and it made me very happy. She wanted me to say hi to you guys for her. I have so many candies and snacks now. I try to share them with all the missionaries but I think all of our teeth are going to rot out before we eat them all. Bad news... I ate some cream cheese with jalapeño jelly and when I had finished the delicious treat, I stood up with the jar in my hand and it hit my knee, fell out of my hand and broke on the ground... that was a whole jar wasted...but at least I have one more. I was kind of upset but not that big of a deal!...ha-ha just clumsy. Monday night we were pretty busy and got to bed at around 12. I had to wake up at 2 am with Elder L and a few other elders and we had to take missionaries up to the airport in Santiago. Elder L and I were in charge of their luggage. I made a nice bottle of Mt. Dew for the trip. Later I had to go to the MTC in Santiago with Elder L. We got lost for about an hour but showed up at 6:50, ten minutes before we had to be there. We took 6 sister missionaries back to Rancagua but left their luggage because there wasn’t enough room. After arriving in Rancagua, I had to go back up to Santiago with a few elders and get luggage from the airport and MTC. The whole plan for the changes was kind of crazy. On Tuesday I wasn’t too tired. I had had quite a bit of sugar in my system. 
We took Elder O up to Codegua (his new sector) and then came back. On Wednesday, Elder T and I had to take cell phones and materials to all the zones in the missions. Fortunately the assistants helped us out with the northern zones. We went south. It was an all day trip. We drove and drove and drove. Elder T couldn’t drive yet because he hasn’t taken his test. So I drove. In two days it was probably a total of 20 hours of driving and 10 hours of sleep. Ha-ha it was nuts. I was tired by the time the day was over. On Thursday we stayed here in Rancagua and just did some paper
work and my tiredness was catching up with me. Yesterday we did about the same thing except there was a meeting at president’s house for the ZL. Elder A is a zone leader now so I saw him there. He told me that he made Mt. Dew and brownies the previous day and that it was very good. Ha-ha I love Elder A. He is a good guy. Today we have just cleaned the house, gave a missionary couple a ride to get their rental car because the other one is in the shop, and now email. I am kind of tired of boring p-days. I want to do something fun... we will see what next Saturday brings.
 2. My new companion is 21 has 2 little brothers, a member since 13 years of age, from Santiago, happy, positive, creative, intelligent. I have enjoyed being with him. He is very talkative. I think we will have two good changes together and we will be able to make a lot of good changes to the mission. I love this assignment. I definitely am tired a lot of the time but that is just part of the job. Elder T is trying to learn English so I help him out a little bit. 
 3. Missionaries call us sometimes during their proselyting hours for dumb things like their name tags. So we are cutting that off or trying to at least. Also we have a goal to leave the office every day at 6:00 pm if the circumstances allow. We have a sector. We just need to get to know it a little bit. We haven’t had the chance really to leave to go to the sector this last week but we are going to try harder and leave more the next week. I have only taught a couple lessons in the past two weeks but they have gone well. One was with Luis from Recreo. It was good to see him again. Also I saw Emilio from Recreo today too. I talked to him for a minutes. I guess that is one of the perks of living in Rancagua my whole mission because I always see people that I know! I don’t complain. I love this opportunity to serve the Lord. I just hope that I do it well enough. Sometimes I feel like I am not doing well enough but I sure try.
My MTC comp!
I love you guys and I hope that you have a great week. I miss you all and I hope that school and work and everything is going well. I am glad that life has been going well for you. Let me know about all the news at home! I miss you so much and pray for you. Just so you know I took some money out of the bank this last week. I have run out of mission money from paying tolls and parking and I like to eat.... so I didn’t think that you would mind.
I love you guys and thank you for supporting me so much! =) 
Love always, 
Elder Tegan Hall 

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