Friday, March 14, 2014

March 10, 2014; Miracles

Hey mom it is so good to hear from you!! I am feeling really pretty good right now. Nothing to complain about other than I got a little sun burnt today! Ha-ha but we played two hand touch football and soccer! It was fun!!! I really missed playing football playing it today... never thought I would have said that! I am going to do my best to shoot everyone a quick note this week. I hope that Blake is doing alright. I miss that kid. I have a pic of him, Jaden and me posted up in front of my study desk. I look at it every day! They are great examples for me =) I need to get an email to him.

Thanks for the tid-bits of news! Those are always fun to hear! It is crazy, literally crazy how fast time has been going.... I don’t even believe it. When I was a kid a day seemed like an eternity and now I get to the house at night time and I ask myself what happened today?! Nuts... 

Sounds like you all had a good week! I would love to make a comment about every day but I can’t. Just know that I love hearing about the week and what you guys do!! Olivia is so lucky to eat that burger! I am jealous!!! She looks older in the pic... it kind of scares me she is growing up so much!!!!!!! =/ ha-ha 

1. This week was pretty good. I was happy to get out and work. There were things that could have gone better but it is always like that right? I tried the best I could! We had a great lesson with Fiorella again. Her grandpa is about to die and she thinks that after death there is nothing. We taught the plan of salvation and I shared an experience about Grandma Hall. I teared up and the spirit was so strong!! I know Fiorella felt it too but she didn’t come to church!!!! Dang it. But I had a cool idea this week. I wanted to share a miracle that happened every day of this week. 
     Monday- we got our bikes. The tires were flat. We went to go and fill them up but the tires of Elder A had a valve I have never seen! I tried to figure it out but I let the air out instead..... I thought we’re in trouble! Ha-ha but then a guy came up and he looked like a biker. I asked him if he had any valve fits and he did!! The Lord sure blessed us there!! 
     Tuesday- we went to the church to go to an activity. We forgot our sports clothes. We were getting ready to go back when a guy walked past me and I said hi. He said, hi elder. I said did you come to play soccer. He said can I talk to you for a minute. Turns out this guy’s name is Luis and he is a member and hasn’t gone to church for 12 years. His wife and 10 year old boy aren’t members. He is having some marriage problems. We helped him out a lot. He told us he had the impression to walk past the church in that moment and who knows if I hadn’t have said hi... nothing might have happened! He didn’t go to church though... =(
     Wednesday- we were riding on the bikes, Elder A in front. We were going fast. He stopped in front of me and I was going to stop too. I wanted to drift the bike tire to a stop but my back breaks didn’t work. I had to slam the front ones not to hit Elder A. In the end, I fell off but I didn’t even feel one ounce of pain! 
     Thursday- I had the opportunity to do an interview with an investigator named Miguel. He got baptized on Sunday and I got to approve him for baptism! I felt the spirit really strongly!! I loved the interview!
     Friday- the less actives, Juan and Jessica, have desires to get reactivated and go to the temple! We had a cool FHE with them! 
     Saturday- the sisters that were going to have the baptism called and told me that the dad of Miguel couldn’t baptize him anymore and that I was the second choice of Miguel! I was excited to baptize him!
     Sunday- I went over to the church of the sisters and was able to baptize Miguel. It was so cool to see him come out of the water and I could just see he was clean... what a great experience!!! It made me really happy and it was such a great opportunity! 

Well, those are the cool things of the week. I had to go to a physical therapist this whole week. He has been popping some bones and stuff and I think that it is helping. My foot feels better! The bikes are helping a bunch too I think, I am just fat... ha-ha 

2. As a DL, I get to teach a concept to my district every Wednesday in the district meeting. That is a cool experience. I feel the spirit guide me in those classes! And on Sundays I get to pass the data of the things the people form my district did over the week and I also get to do interviews when they are needed. All of the responsibilities are in Preach My Gospel if you want to look at them. I have to go to an extra meeting before the district meeting an hour early just to learn from the zone leaders and no district leader is just one person in the companionship. Elder A is just my comp. That is it!

3. I did finally get the Valentine’s package!! I loved the candy in there and the clever rhymes!! =) It made my day!!! And it finally arrived! =) ha-ha what even means more is the you guys even take the time to think about me and do such sweet things for me! Thanks!!!

Thanks for the spiritual thought! I am going to read that talk tomorrow for my study!! =) thanks for always thinking about me and praying for me! It really means so much! I love you guys more than I can say!! I hope that you all have a great week. Sorry if this email wasn’t great. I want to get to some other people too. I love you all! =) 

Love always, 
Elder Tegan Hall =) 

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