Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Feb. 24, 2014; Ahhhhh! Mt. Dew

Hey mom, I am so happy to hear from you! =) Man, I have missed you guys so much this week! I just am so happy that we have the opportunity to email each other each week! =) that is such a blessing!

Well, that is ok that there were no mission calls but it sounds like here soon all the guys a grade younger than me will be getting their calls! That should be exciting and maybe one of them will come to the Rancagua Chile mission! 

Ha-ha right when I got your permission to open my birthday package early, I opened it all the way (because previously I just opened it to see what was on the surface) and I was so so SO pumped for the syrup. At first I thought it was an open bottle of diet Mt. Dew and I was still happy just not as happy as I would have been with normal Mt. Dew that was still closed. But then I realized the bubbles were different and I read the letter that was in the package and I was so excited to figure out it was syrup! Ha-ha that night I mixed some up and it was HEAVEN. I miss that flavor so much!  THANK YOU SO MUCH FAMILY! Ha-ha I have already had a couple night mares about the syrup running out but I still have plenty of syrup!! That was a great idea!! Ingenious I would say! Ha-ha but I loved everything that was in the package! My eagle shirt, pics, Guess How Much I Love You book (I teared up when I read it), licorice, pringles, almond joy, and everything that I asked for!!!!! I have a family that is way too good for me! I love you guys! =) I had Elder A take some pics when I opened the box. We will be making a cake this Sunday! =) 

It sounds like you all had a pretty good week! That is great for Olivia that she is growing up so much! I am so proud of her and her progress as a young woman! I hope that she likes volleyball and that she tears it up! I wish I could be there to see her grow up but I guess that I will be able to see the change when I get home in 17 months! I wish you guys the best with everything that you do and I pray for you guys every day!

1. Ok so the week was just dead. I called Sister Jett again on Tuesday and told her about my foot pains and she told me that I should stay in the house for a week. So I am going to start that tomorrow. My comp is going to go on divisions with the other two elders and I am going to hang out and do stuff with a member at his house. Tuesday we did a service and then we had to get showered and ready to leave but not a bunch happened that day. Wednesday we had divisions with the ZL. Elder Hill came over to our sector with me and Elder A went with Elder Egbert to their sector. That day we had a lesson with Sergio but he was a little crazy and just talked about random things. It doesn’t look like he is going to progress. We later contacted a reference that day. Turns out this guy Guillermo was baptized 20 years ago but now he is an atheist socialist. So he is crazy. Ha-ha he swore at about every other word and told us that he smokes marijuana and is was kind of crazy but I had the chance to bare my testimony to him and I felt the spirit pretty strongly. Thursday we were supposed to stay in the house but we have 0 investigators pretty much. So I told Elder A that we needed to leave and go find some investigators. We passed by a couple flaky investigators and they told us they wanted to be done. We just contacted the rest of the day and no one let us in their house. We contacted all freaking day!!!! I think the Lord might have been telling me that I should obey what the Sister Jett tells me to do. Friday we must not have had any cool experiences because I don’t remember it. Saturday we had a cool experience! We went and did a service for Emilio and then after the people that were supposed to give us lunch called us and said they were only going to pass by and give us money because they had to leave town. When we got the money, I told the other elders that we should go to a restaurant that I know because I went the a few times a while back. The owner is a less active member. It was just an idea. We went there and when we were getting ready to pack it up, he told us that the day previous he had prayed to have the elders come and eat lunch at his place and if they did he would go back to church. It was SO COOL! Just from a little idea that I had we were able to be the answer to a prayer! =) It was great! (That was the coolest part of the week and the Mt. Dew.) The rest of the day not a lot happened. Yesterday we had a pretty good day and I loved being in the church and feeling the cleansing power of the sacrament. That was the week. Last p-day we had we just searched around for luggage for Elder A; so nothing exciting. 

2. Worst part of my week is that I have to stay in the house for a week.... 

3. My feet just ache. Both of them have that big tendon that connects your big toe and heal together is inflamed and then the bones on top of my left foot just ache especially when I rotate my ankle in a wrong direction... but I do think the foot inserts are helping! I had Raul and Elder A give me a blessing yesterday too so that will help!  Don’t worry about it =) 

4. My shoes look to be in great shape! I need to buy a good pair of running/tennis shoes still. I will get on that in a week. The clothes and everything are doing great!

I would love for you guys to celebrate my birthday! Go to Red Robin for me! ;) Ha-ha just go wherever you want and I hope that you guys have a great time! =) 

I love receiving the mail from my other friends but really the truth is that sometimes like I have said they just get me down because I don’t seem to have the success that they are getting. But I am not alone. I just need to press forward with faith and diligence. Thank you for the email that you sent back to me last week! I will go and read that scripture and the letter really just helped me out. I know that the Lord does things so that we can grow even if we don’t like them. It reminds me of a video from the LDS website that is called The Will of God. It is really good. I just need to remember that God is helping me grow. I have felt the Spirit really strong at times this past week and I know that I am meant to be out here even if it is hard. I will just press forward and try my hardest!!! That is all I can do right? But man, I love you guys so much. Thank you for always being there for me. I hope that you all have a great week and I will talk to you next week. Let me know if anything exciting happens please! I love you more than I can say! Thank you for loving me and being the best family anyone could ask for! Thank you for the Nut-brown rabbit book too... that book really gets to me. :') love you guys!!!! 

Love always, 
Elder Teg Hall 

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