Friday, February 21, 2014

Feb. 17, 2014; This is SO HARD!

Hey mom, how are you? It is good to hear from you. I have missed you a lot this last week as well as dad and Olivia and everyone else. Ok so I will just tell you right now that Elder A and I did a lot of things this p-day so I don’t know if I will have any time to reply to anyone else. So I apologize to everyone that I didn’t reply to and I will try harder to get back to them next week! I promise.
They are going to build a Cabela’s in Ammon!!!!!!!!!!???????!!!!!! wwwwooooHHHHHOOOOOOOO!!!! That is awesome! Ha-ha I think that Sportsmans might be looking downhill. But that is exciting news! Now we can just get free stuff all the time from there! ;) ha-ha 
1. Ok this week. I think I might just kind of go off and talk about stuff and if it doesn’t make sense I am sorry but I just kind of need to let out some steam and tension. So I will start with Monday. It was really fun and we climbed a hill and took some legit pics. I will get some sent to you. Tuesday there were changes but nothing happened with me, Elder A, and our apartment. It is still just us two but I prefer it that way, a lot easier to keep the house clean. I was walking that day and we stopped in front of a guy to contact him and I put my hand out to shake hands and he just looked at me like I was an animal or something. I talked to him and he didn’t say anything
and finally he just said he wanted to continue walking so we said goodbye and he was out! Ha-ha kind of funny. On Wednesday, in the morning our zone leaders called me and said that I had to be in a church building early to have a leadership meeting and that I also needed a class prepared to give to my district. So I stressed over that big time! I knelt down to pray and the story of Ammon came to me and so I just talked about that in the district class and I turned out pretty well. Also our leaders told us that as DLs we need to have the goal of finding 8 new investigators each week and let me tell you the most I have found in my mission in a week is 7. I was willing to try my hardest and give it all, but in the end of the week we only had one. I am not trying to attract attention but I even fasted on Wednesday to find new people but it just didn’t happen. Sometimes I just feel so run down and even depressed with how things are going. I see all the success that my friends in the mission are having and I just wonder why I can’t have that?! :/ It weighs me down... I try to get better and better but the harder that I try it seems like the work just gets harder and harder and more impossible... I don’t know.... it is just SO HARD! Thursday not much happened but what did happen is we had correlation with the ward mission leader. He got home from his mission about three or four years ago so he is "still a missionary". Last Sunday he told us he could go and work with us on Tuesday and so did our bishop. On Tuesday it was more convenient for us to call the bishop. So we did. In the end the plan fell through. On Friday that day we found three new less active people and so we just basically were with them the whole day. Then at night time we went to go and play soccer. It was fun and I played pretty well! ;) Saturday we tried to do English classes but only two people showed up. We were coordinating it with a sister from the ward but that didn't work out... Sunday we went to church and had a pretty good day there. I was able to take the numbers that the sisters from my district got this last week and that was kind of cool I guess. But overall the only person that we had any luck with as an investigator this last week was Sergio. He read the pamphlet we gave him but when we were talking about the first vision he was falling asleep. He said he was just putting himself in the moment. Ha-ha funny guy and the new investigator we got hardly shows interest in the church but we will see how that goes. We have a less active sister that is getting ready to get a calling this next week or two! It has been great to see her progress! 

2. The worst part is that we are just struggling, I am struggling; this is hard. Sometimes I don’t know if I have got it in me to plug out 17 more months. But I did hit the 7 mark today! And while it is on my mind they do celebrate the 14 but it isn’t that big here. The best part is that our house is clean and I got a package that you sent on the 31 of January! The Valentine’s Day one didn’t show up... yet... I don’t know if it will. When did you send it? I also got a couple letters today and one with a letter from Randy. That was fun to read them!

3. We are making brownies for Fiorella and there is a sister in the ward named Liliana that wants to make doughnuts with us. Thanks for sending those recipes to me! =) I appreciate it. 

4. As a District Leader, I have to prepare a class for my district on Wednesdays, call them on Sundays to see how many people went to church and things like that, and also I just have to be a good example and a good leader. That is about it! But it adds a lot more stress.

Well that is about it this week. I am sorry that I don’t really have a spiritual thought either.... I think about Isaiah 55: 8-9 with the hard times I am going through but still, it is just soo hard. I hope that we can see some fruits of our labors soon. Oh and my foot just keeps bothering me so I will see if I can get a blessing and I am also going to talk to sister Jett and see if I can get an appointment. I will open that package you sent but I will snap some pics too!! I felt like there is a liquid in there and I hope it is named Mountain Dew! =) ha-ha but that is it. Thanks for always being here for me and helping me out. I am sorry I am kind of down but that is how things go sometimes. We will see how things are next week. I love you guys more than I can say. I hope that you know that and I always keep you in my prayers and I wish the best for you! Love you guys,

Love, Elder Teg Hall

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