Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Sept. 23, 2013

Sept. 23, 2013
Hey family!
How is everything?! So good to hear from you! Man this last week has flown by I swear that only two days ago it was p-day but that is good! I am glad that the time is going by fast =) that means that we are working hard! The week you guys had sounds pretty good! I am glad that dad was safe as he went down to New Mexico and everything went well and those machines look good! =) what is he going to do with the wild cat and the Kawasaki? Just getting a collection of toys ;) wow it does sound like that it was a rough week for football. That is sad the goal posts are now green but its ok not that big of a deal really. It is crazy how little of a phase high school seems like in my life when I look back on it now. haha kind of weird. Good for garret I hope that he keeps on being a stud and laying kids out taking names! =) haha sounds like everything in the ward is going great too! Man I really love hearing about how things went for you so thank you for the update and keep sending them please =) I love hearing about you guys!
Q and A
1. Ya, you know I am doing pretty well. This last week has been a lot better and I think that is all thanks to your prayers from home and the blessings of Heavenly Father. I have felt a lot better and feeling like I can conquer this and finish it with success in the strength of the Lord. haha I am feeling better. I still have urges to punch Elder Arjona sometimes but I just have to sit and cool down my thoughts and carry on. Really he is a cool person and can be pretty funny I just feel like he gets frustrated and irritated with me quite often and I feel the same sometimes. But it is alright. He thinks that he might be changed in two weeks cuz he has been in this sector for about six months now so we shall see... this might be bad but a part of me hopes that he is... hahah but come what shall. Thanks for the encouragement mom. I really appreciate it. I love your wisdom. haha There is no one in the mission field who I really respect as much as my family besides HF and JC and the HG. It is hard to have entire respect for someone you don’t really know that much about. Man it is hard to be myself down here though cuz I can’t express who I am in Spanish very well and when I make mistakes I don’t like it cuz I get a little flustered and embarrassed and I hardly every talk in English cuz Elder Arjona always says, “Elder you have to talk the language of the mission´´ or “√©lder, usted necisita hablar la idioma de la mision´´ that is when I want to punch him, haha but whatever. These past three days I have been so surprised at how much Spanish I can actually understand! It has been amazing and I know that it is only because of my HF and his blessings!! =) wow long answer
2. Um it is the Baquedano branch and the Rancagua stake and I actually don’t know the house number or street name. It is hard to remember names down here cuz they’re all in Spanish and it is just another Spanish word to remember!
3. Well I withdrew 40000 pesos today so about 70 dollars. I think that will last me for a while. It is hard to use a debit card down here so I just decided to take out cash. Is that ok? And you know I don’t think that there is anything you can do for me that is logical! I would love to give you all a hug but that is impossible for now so your letters and prayers and thoughts are perfect enough for me =) thank you though! I can’t wait to receive the package as well!
4. I do know Elder Dunmire! I actually went on a division with him two Thursdays ago! That was awesome cuz it was super rejuvenating to have someone with me that speaks the same native language! And he is a cool guy! And those are my shorts but that is Elder Aguirre not my comp. He is from Argentina and the zone leader who lives in our house. He is a cool guy and I really enjoy him. I joke around with him quite a bit! 

Ok so this week we found a guy who was inactive names Luis, his daughter who is inactive named Francisca and his “wife” not really, named Jasna who isn’t a member. We stopped by their house cuz their names were on the list of inactive or less active people and we visited with them for a while. He said the prayer when we were finished and he thanked the lord for sending us to his house and that we were the answer to his prayers! Super cool! He and his family, he has two little ones in addition to his older daughter, came to the branch activity on Friday (which was super fun) and then to church on Sunday! Wow could not have been better! I think some great things are awaiting them as they progress and I hope that the lord will bless us with the things we need to teach them as well in the future! Super excited for them! And also we found a lady named Mariela who came to church! She has a lot of pain in her life cuz her daughter has a kid and her daughter isn’t married and I feel like there is turmoil there but she has read some of the B of M and she will be progressing too! Super excited! The 18 of September is the Independence Day for Chile (ok we are leaving to lunch be back soon I am going to send this now. Love you guys! =)
To continue my message from earlier, lunch went great! I had chicken and potato salad! Ok so the 18th was really cool! haha it felt weird though. The town was like deserted and hardly anyone was home. But we got to eat a lot of food with the members that day! =) empanadas and lots of shishkabobs and goood stuff =) and this last week went good considering the holiday! We encountered several drunk guys but no harm done. I actually got bit by a little weasel dog this last week, bigger than a rat dog but not a real dog! haha didn’t hurt at all. um... not much else that I can think of right now. You will just have to read my journals when I get home in 22 months! haha those have a better account of what happens to me cuz they’re day by day =) but the activity with the branch went well and lots of fun!  I took pictures and hope I can send them to you! I will try today! Love you mom and that is about all there is to say other than a little thought I have. So the scripture in Ether 12:27 has really helped me lately. I try to humble myself before HF and he has been blessing me a lot lately. Spanish is coming along great and I feel fairly confident in general now! =) I miss you guys so much.. =( sometimes I just want to cry... but Christmas will be in a couple months and we will be able so Skype so we both need to set up accounts!! I will have a member from the ward help me. His name is Christopher Godoy and he is the first counselor in the branch and also the best! Love that man. ok mom I am going to read the other emails like you said but I love you and i hope that everything is going great at home and I love Olivia, dad, grandpa, grandma, the phips, everyone!! =) miss you guys... a LOT! 
With much love and sending my blessings,
Elder Tegan Hall

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