Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Week 3 in Chile

Sept. 16, 2013
Hey family! How are you? Ok to start off the “a” key on the key board is hard and my fingers are cold so this will possibly be a crappy email. Alright... 

How fun for grandpa! I hope that he had a good time. I am glad that work is going good for dad and that you are enjoying IRI testing and Olivia is adjusting to middle school =) how great! I want to start off by saying that I miss you guys and I think and pray about you every day! I am glad that you are still hanging out with the Phippens frequently and everything is well back at home. That is cool dad is going to be a dealer for those side by sides. They look cool! I hope that he is safe driving down to New Mexico. I am happy that you are enjoying Elder Tidwell. He is a great guy and I hope that he enjoyed the whiskey river burger cuz I miss it! I love hearing about your week and please keep me updated cuz it is fun to read and helps me feel good =) I love hearing about you guys!
haha ok Q & A time
1. Typical day, elder Arjona likes to run about 3 times a week and that kind of stinks especially cuz it’s in the morning and I am not a morning person. You know that but I am getting better. When we don’t run I will usually do some push-ups or something. Then we have time to shower until 8:30 and at 8:30 personal study starts. That goes to 9:30 then it is companion study until 10:30 or 11:00 then we try to have language study but that doesn’t happen very often. After we usually go and have a visit with a less active or investigator or go do an errand in the centro. That is like the center of Rancagua then we have lunch at a member’s house every day at 1:30 except p-day we eat out that ends at 3:30 and then we go out to our various contact appointments and visit less actives and what not. This last week went poorly for finding new investigators. At 9:30 or 10:00 pm, depending on if we have a lesson, we come home. Then we have daily planning session for about 20 mins and then dinner, prep for bed, journal, and bed at 11:00. On average I would say that we teach about 10 lessons or something like that. When we have a first real lesson we try and give them a baptismal date. We have two dates right now… but that is ok cuz we are still working on several other investigators that haven’t committed and followed up with a date. Talking to people is pretty fun. We go out and shout halo and then just wait and I usually initiate the talking and then elder Arjona will help. My Spanish is improving but still I get so frustrated at times. 
Tegan is on the left. His companion has the ball.
2. My companionship has been rough this week. I feel like elder Arjona’s dog sometimes. He just says vamos or venga which means let’s go and come on and it is irritating. I feel like when I try and talk sometimes he will kind of just scoff because my Spanish is barely understandable. I don’t know.... he talks super fast and slurs his Spanish so he is hard to understand and when I give him a blank stare he will repeat it in his poor English... makes me feel dumb sometimes. Then he tells me that I need to take the lead sometimes but I don’t even know what to do cuz he doesn’t tell me. I broke down and cried a couple times this week cuz I have been having a hard time with the whole companionship. It is definitely hard. I am trying to develop patience but it’s hard. I just want Blake for a comp!! But it is ok I will try and learn what the Lord is trying to teach me. We live with two other Latino’s from Argentina both around Buenos Aires. One doesn’t speak any English and the other a little so often times when they are all talking and I can’t understand I just sit there and think about home and stuff cuz I can’t help it sometimes. I feel really excluded. But I have been making a better effort to improve. And yes they take the full hour fifteen to email too. It was just that one day that was a bummer. haha
3. I haven’t received anything from Mexico MTC. Nothing, and just email to the mission home. I think that is how it is supposed to work.
4. I am not sure if I have had horse meat or not. I think I might have on Saturday! haha but it was good anyway. Um the grossest thing has just been the bones in chicken. Everything has really been pretty tasty!! I love the food here. =) There is a family in the ward called the Ramirez family and their food is great!! Yes I can drink the sink water, no problem and I actually haven’t had the squirts yet knock on wood ;) haha

Alright well the weather here was a weird adjustment because it is coming out of winter. Haha so we have electric blankets and all at night cuz it gets cold but overall I like the weather. The people are really kind and most all of them will talk to you for a minute. The members are cool and funny! There is this one member who talks to me about the NFL and how much he loves it. He went to SLC for his mission. Everyone seems to be really helpful and understanding of my Spanish and I appreciate that! This last week flew by. I couldn’t believe it actually! Our investigators are cool too. I love having lessons with them. We have this one lady named Anita who her husband was baptized a while ago but she can’t quit smoking and we have been working with her a lot. She is funny and she sells these little treats that are delicious! But she won’t quit smoking... elder Arjona and I have fasted every week for our investigators. There is this boy named Jorge, about 16 years I think and he is our investigator right now. He is a champ. Super respectful and super absorbent to our lessons and I think he will be a future mish!! But ya, no baptisms yet or anything. This last week we went a cast a spirit out of a house. I could kind of feel its presence but the Holy Ghost was so strong during the prayer I wasn’t concerned. We also gave a blessing to a lady. We have given two blessings of health while I’ve been here. I have anointed the oil both times in English!! haha but Spanish will come with time. It is hard. This is definitely the hardest thing I have ever done but nothing worth having was ever easy it seems like! I just need the strength of the Lord! There is a scripture in Moroni 9:6 I think that I like, and this is my work for the Lord and I won’t come home until I have finished it the way the Lord wants it, even if it seems unbearably hard. Well that is it for how it seems to me. Mom, dad, Olivia, grandpa, grandma, phips, I wish I could give all of you a hug right now honestly. I miss you all so much but this is what I am meant to be doing. I appreciate all your prayers and love for me and you all are really too kind =) I have my camera cord so I will attach some pics =) love you all and talk to you next week =) 

Elder Hall
P.S. Never mind. This computer is crap and I can't attach a photo... =( I will try next week but I love the photos you send me please keep it up! and I would like to hear about the Falcons, BSU, and when bball starts the Clipps =) thank you so much! Please post on the blog that I am sorry I can't respond to all the emails =( I wish I could but time doesn't permit. 
Love your son and missionary,
Elder Tegan Hall =) <3

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